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10 Technology Trends to Watch Out For in 2024



Today’s technology is developing quickly, enabling quicker change and advancement and accelerating the rate of change. However, there are many other changes that have occurred this year as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has made IT professionals realize that their role will change in the contactless world of the future.

An IT professional will also be constantly learning, unlearning, and relearning in 2024–2025 (if not out of choice, then out of necessity).

With improvements in machine learning and natural language processing, artificial intelligence will be more common in 2024. Using this technology, artificial intelligence will be able to comprehend us better and carry out more difficult tasks. According to predictions, 5G will drastically alter how we live and work in the future. 

How does this affect you? It entails keeping up with the newest technological trends and emerging technologies. Additionally, it entails keeping an eye on the future to determine the skills you’ll need to possess in order to find a secure job tomorrow and even figure out how to get there.

The majority of the world’s IT workforce is kicking back and working from home as everyone bows to the global pandemic. Here are the top 10 emerging technology trends you should keep an eye out for in 2024 if you want to maximize your time spent at home and perhaps even land one of the new jobs that these trends will generate. Investigate various career-focused courses.

Top New Technology Trends

Computing Power

Smarter Devices


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Extended Reality

Digital Trust

3D Printing

Block chain 

New Energy Solutions

Internet of Things 

Computing Power 

Since almost every appliance and device in the digital age is now computerized, computing power has already cemented its position in the world. Additionally, data science experts have predicted that the computing infrastructure we are currently constructing will only improve over the next few years, so it’s here to stay.

At the same time, prepare for a 6G era with more power in our hands and devices all around us. We already have 5G. Even better, increased computing power is creating more tech jobs, though these positions would necessitate specialized training for applicants.

This industry will be the largest source of employment in every nation, generating jobs in everything from data science to robotics and IT management. The more computing power our devices will require, the more relationship managers, IT teams, technicians, and the customer care industry will all prosper.

RPA, or robotic process automation, is a crucial subfield of this field that you can learn today. RPA is all about computer and automation software at Simplilearn, which can prepare you for a high-paying position in the IT industry.

Smarter Technology 

Our world is now more intelligent and well-functioning thanks in large part to artificial intelligence. It goes above and beyond simple human simulation to make our lives easier and more convenient.

As data scientists develop AI home robots, appliances, work devices, wearables, and much more, these smarter devices will be around well into the future, possibly even beyond 2024. Almost all jobs require intelligent software applications to facilitate our work. These days, success in almost every higher-level position necessitates strong IT and automation skills. 


Simply put, datafication refers to the conversion of all of the objects in our lives into software or data-driven devices. So, to summarize, datafication is the conversion of manual labor-intensive tasks into technology that is driven by data.

Data is here to stay for longer than we can ever remember, from our smartphones, industrial machines, and office applications to AI-powered appliances and everything else! Therefore, maintaining our data in a secure and safe manner has become a sought-after specialty in our economy.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

Despite the recent buzz surrounding artificial intelligence, or AI, these effects on how we live, work, and play are still in their infancy, making AI one of the newest technological trends. AI is already well-known for its superiority in a wide range of fields, including ride-sharing apps, smartphone personal assistants, image and speech recognition, navigation apps, and much more.

A huge demand for skilled workers is being generated by the deployment of machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence. By 2025, Forrester projects that AI, machine learning, and automation will generate 9% of all new jobs in the United States, including jobs for robot monitoring specialists, data scientists, automation specialists, and content curators. 

Extended Reality 

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and all other technologies that simulate reality are collectively referred to as “extended reality.” It is a significant technological trend at the moment because we all yearn to transcend the alleged real boundaries of the world.

This technology, which creates a reality devoid of any physical presence, is extremely well-liked by gamers, medical professionals, retail, and modeling professionals.

Digital Trust 

Digital technologies have gained people’s confidence and trust as a result of how well they accommodate and entangle people with devices and technologies. This well-known digital trust is a crucial trend that will lead to more innovations.

Digital conviction is the conviction that technology can create a secure, trustworthy, and reliable digital world and assist businesses in creating new products and services without 

3D printing 

The use of 3D printing to create prototypes is a significant trend in innovation and technology. Impact of this technology has been felt in the industrial and biomedical fields. We never considered printing a real object from a printer, but it is possible today.

Therefore, 3D printing is a further innovation that will endure. Many jobs pay well and are available internationally for businesses in the data and healthcare sectors that need a lot of 3D printing for their products.

You simply need to be well-versed in artificial intelligence, machine learning, modeling, and 3D printing.


Although the majority of people only associate blockchain technology with digital currencies like Bitcoin, it actually provides security that is beneficial in a variety of other contexts. In the most basic terms.

 Blockchain can be compared to data that you can only add to, not remove or modify. Because you are creating a chain of data, the term “chain” is appropriate. What makes it so secure is that the previous blocks cannot be changed.

Blockchains are also consensus-driven, meaning no one organization can control the data. Blockchain eliminates the need for a reliable third party to supervise or verify transactions.

New Energy Approaches

For the benefit of our planet’s landscapes and the energy we consume, everyone has agreed to go green. As a result, homes use greener options like solar and renewable energy and cars run on electricity or batteries.

The fact that people are aware of their waste and carbon footprints is even better. Even more beneficial are efforts to reduce it or convert it to renewable energy.

Careers in the environment and in data are also growing in the alternative energy sector. These jobs are for people with science specializations and social science credentials.

The “Internet of Things”

IoT is another promising emerging technology trend. Nowadays, a lot of “things” are constructed with WiFi connectivity, allowing them to connect to the Internet and to one another, the IoT, or the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is the wave of the future, and it has already made it possible for gadgets, home appliances, cars, and many other things to be connected to the Internet and exchange data there.

Kafayat Abdullahi is a content writer with a flair for the entertainment industry. She's always in the know about the interesting news happening in our world. You can reach her at

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Tory Lanez Sentenced To 10 Years For Shooting Megan Thee Stallion



Tory Lanez was found guilty of felony assault on Tuesday for shooting and injuring hip-hop icon Megan Thee Stallion in July 2020, and he was given a sentence of 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

The hip-hop artist, whose real name is Megan Pete, was shot and injured by Lanez, 31, on December 23, 2022. Lanez’s sentencing was originally scheduled for January, but it was repeatedly postponed after he hired new lawyers and asked for a new trial. In May, the request for a new trial was rejected.

The sentence was “extreme,” according to Lanez’s attorney Jose Baez, who told reporters outside the courtroom on Tuesday afternoon. The rapper’s defense team intends to file an appeal.

Baez stated, “Tory did not receive the sentence that we had undoubtedly hoped for.” “I believe the sentence imposed was incredibly harsh,”

He is not being used as an example; rather, he is a human being. “This is another example of someone being punished for their celebrity status and someone being utilized as a — to send an example,” Baez continued. “I find it to be very unfortunate, and we intend to appeal to it,” the speaker said.

Lanez is “down” and “sad,” according to Baez, as he considers the time he will miss with his son while he is serving his sentence.

In December, a jury found 31-year-old Lanez, who had pleaded not guilty, guilty of three felonies: assault with a semi-automatic weapon, transportation of a loaded, unregistered firearm, and grossly negligent discharge of a firearm.

Before the judge delivered his ruling, Lanez spoke in front of the court while dressed in an orange jumpsuit. He expressed regret for his behavior and claimed full accountability for the 2020 shooting.

He said, “If I could change it, I would, but I can’t.” He continued, “I take full responsibility for everything I did that night. “I genuinely just want to try to be a better person,”

After the sentence was given, Lanez acted surprised but kept quiet. As she was led from the courtroom, his son’s mother started crying.

A member of Lanez’s legal team named Matthew Barhoma stated that appeals of the sentence and conviction are anticipated. When the team appeals the verdict, it will also submit a bail application. 

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Herriford stated in imposing his sentence that it was “difficult to reconcile” the devoted father and devout philanthropist many described with the person who shot Megan five times.

Herriford remarked that “sometimes good people do bad things.” “Actions have consequences, and in this case, nobody is a winner.”

Alex Bott, a deputy district attorney, claimed Lanez intimidated and harassed Megan and called her a liar.

After the sentence was handed down, Bott remarked, “Not only did the defendant commit the heinous act of shooting her; he also subjected her to two and a half years of hell.”

Additionally, Lanez might have been deported to Canada.

Regarding whether Lanez will be deported, one of his attorneys, Jose Baez, said, “We’re nowhere near that yet.”

His attorneys argued for probation and suggested that he be released from custody to enter a residential substance abuse program in an effort to obtain a lighter sentence. They asserted that Lanez suffers from alcohol abuse disorder, anxiety, and unexpected trauma post-traumatic stress disorder that came from the death of his mother when he was 11 years old.

The claims, which were not brought up during the trial, prompted the prosecution to declare themselves “skeptical.”

In her testimony, Megan claimed that Lanez yelled at her to “dance” and fired a gun at her feet as she exited the SUV they were traveling in with two other people. She testified in court that when the police asked her why her feet were bleeding, she at first claimed that she had cut them on glass. She needed surgery after hospital staff discovered bullet fragments in her foot.

She admitted to lying to police at first because she was afraid of getting into a more dangerous situation in an interview with Gayle King for “CBS Mornings” in April, just before the trial.

You think I’m going to call the police and say that we have a gun in the car because we’re Black? She spoke. You want me to inform the authorities that we have a gun in the car so they can kill us all, right?

Megan also spoke about the ongoing physical pain she experiences in her song “Shots Fired,” which she wrote about the shooting and addressed in an Instagram Live video in which she identified Lanez as the shooter.

For a while, I was unable to walk, she admitted. “My nerves are still damaged. My left foot’s side feels numb to me. Even though the backs of my feet are always sore, I keep going.

She testified in court that Lanez had offered her $1 million in exchange for her silence.

Lanez did not testify at the trial despite devoting an entire album to disputing her account of the events. His attorneys argued that Megan’s testimony that Lanez asked her not to contact the police because he was on parole was untrue and disputed the accuracy of the DNA evidence used by the prosecution to identify him as the shooter.

Additionally, Megan and her ex-friend Kelsey Nicole Harris, who was also in the car at the time of the incident, got into a fight about Lanez and other men, according to his legal team, who described the trial as a “case about jealousy.”

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Top 10 Weakest Economies of the World



In a world that possesses immense wealth and resources, it is disheartening to witness certain countries struggling with extreme poverty and economic hardships. Amidst civil wars, political instability, and the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the plight of the world’s weakest economies worsens. In this article, we will explore the top 10 poorest countries in the world, their challenges, and the factors contributing to their economic vulnerability.

1. South Sudan

Top 10 Weakest Economies of the World

Topping the list as the world’s poorest country is South Sudan. Since its inception in 2011, the nation has been grappling with continuous violence and social divisions. Despite being rich in oil reserves, political instability and corruption have hindered the equitable distribution of resources and economic development. With a majority of the population engaged in traditional agriculture, recurrent conflicts and extreme climate events further exacerbate food insecurity, hindering the nation’s progress.

2. Burundi

Burundi ranks as the second-poorest country in the world. Landlocked and lacking in natural resources, it has faced the aftermath of a 12-year civil war that left scars on its socio-economic fabric. The heavy reliance on subsistence agriculture has contributed to high levels of food insecurity, significantly above the average for sub-Saharan African countries. Despite efforts to revitalize the economy and repair diplomatic ties, sluggish growth and inflation continue to pose challenges.

3. Central African Republic (CAR)

Rich in gold, oil, uranium, and diamonds, the Central African Republic paradoxically remains among the world’s poorest countries. Cycles of severe flooding and dry spells, coupled with the sharp increase in essential goods’ prices due to the war in Ukraine, have intensified the nation’s hardships. Approximately half of the CAR’s population is experiencing acute food insecurity, highlighting the urgency of addressing the country’s economic weaknesses.

4. Somalia

Somalia, the fourth-poorest country in the world, has suffered from a multitude of challenges, including coronavirus outbreaks, floods, and a devastating locust infestation. The country is also grappling with attempts by Islamist insurgents to overthrow the central government, all while dealing with the worst drought in four decades. As humanitarian agencies struggle to provide aid to nearly half of the population in need, Somalia’s plight remains critical.

5. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Despite being rich in natural resources like cobalt and copper, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has faced decades of political instability, dictatorship, and violence. With the majority of its population living on less than two dollars a day, the country’s potential for growth and development remains untapped. Leveraging its abundant resources to drive economic prosperity remains a significant challenge for the DRC.

6. Mozambique

Mozambique, with its strategic location and rich resources, should have seen robust economic growth. However, the country faces frequent attacks by Islamic insurgent groups in its gas-rich northern region. It remains to be seen how the positive economic outlook projected by the IMF and World Bank for Mozambique will help it break free from its position among the world’s poorest countries.

7. Niger

Niger’s landlocked territory, coupled with the Sahara Desert covering 80% of its land, poses significant challenges. The nation’s growing population relies heavily on small-scale agriculture, making it vulnerable to desertification and food insecurity. However, Niger has been experiencing improvements in its economy since 2021, but it remains to be seen how the recent coup that has seen the inaugurated President Mohamed Bazoum removed from office and returned the country to military rule will affect the country’s economy.

8. Malawi

Malawi’s economy, predominantly dependent on rain-fed crops, faces vulnerability to weather-related shocks. Political uncertainties and slow structural changes following a constitutional court’s annulment of a former president’s re-election have hampered economic growth. High levels of food insecurity persist in rural areas, demanding urgent attention.

9. Chad

Chad, a nation blessed with vast oil reserves, stands as a perplexing paradox in the world of economics. Despite having Africa’s tenth-largest oil reserves, the country has long been mired in the depths of poverty, grappling with a plethora of challenges that have hindered its economic progress. From mismanagement and corruption to conflicts and an unforgiving climate, Chad’s journey to prosperity has been fraught with obstacles.

10. Liberia

Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia, is one of the poorest countries. Despite having a former football star as its president, inflation, unemployment, and negative economic growth have hindered progress, leaving many citizens in dire economic conditions.

RankCountry/TerritoryGDP-PPP ($)
5Democratic Republic of the Congo1,474
3Central Afrian Republic1,127
1South Sudan516
Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World


The top 10 weakest economies in the world face a complex web of challenges, including political instability, conflicts, climate-related issues, and a lack of access to resources. While some nations show signs of improvement and resilience, the road to economic recovery remains steep. Addressing these underlying issues and providing targeted support to these nations is vital in ensuring a better future for their citizens and elevating them from the grips of poverty.

The information used in this article was obtained from Global Finance Magazine.

For more insightful content, follow us on Twitter @ReporteraNews.

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Meet John Cusimano, Rachael Ray’s Husband of 16+ Years



A well-known American singer, actor, and movie producer is John Cusimano. In addition, he sings lead for the indie rock group The Cringe. But the majority of people recognize him as Rachael Ray’s husband, a well-known celebrity chef, TV personality, and cookbook author. 

The multi-talented musician and producer also works as a lawyer. Over 16 years have passed since he wed Rachael Ray. John frequently makes appearances in his wife’s TV programs and takes part in her writing endeavors. See more information about him here. 

Full nameJohn M. Cusimano
Date of birthAugust 19,1967
Age56 years (as of 2023)
Place of birthLong Island, New York USA 
Current residenceNew York, USA
Marital StatusMarried
Eye ColourBlack
UniversityState University and Yeshiva University in New York 
ProfessionProducer, actor, lawyer
Net worth $10 million 
John Cusimano’s Profile

John Cusimano Bio

John has Italian ancestry. His grandfather is an Italian native of Palermo. His grandmothers are both from Spain’s Catalonia, one of them from Naples. 

John Cusimano Parents

The parents of John Cusimano are unknown to the general public. On his Instagram page, he only shared a photo of himself with them. 

Where was John Cusimano born? 

The United States’ Long Island is where John M. Cusimano was born. While still a young child, he picked up the piano and singing, and he always yearned to join a band and play live. 

How old is John Cusimano? 

John Cusimano was born on August 19, 1967, making his age 54 as of July 2022. 

How tall is John Cusimano? 

John Cusimano stands 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) tall and weighs approximately 60 kg. 


Cusimano graduated from a neighborhood high school on Long Island in 1985 and enrolled at the State University of New York. In 1989, he earned a BA in law. 

The actor then went on to the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University in New York City, where he graduated in 1994 with a Master of Arts in Law. 


Cusimano debuted at the age of 15 in the 1982 film World War Mud and later in the Crashing (2017–2019) series. His production credits include Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai (1996–1998) and Biography (1987), both of which received high ratings. He started out as a lawyer while singing and playing guitar for The Cringe band in New York and New Jersey. Early in the new millennium, the band was formed, and since then, five albums have been released: Scratch the Surface, Hiding in Plain Sight, Blind Spot, Play Thing, and Tipping. 

John M. Cusimano and his band would appear at events hosted by other well-known musical ensembles, such as Tesla, Steel Panther, and New York Dolls. 

John Cusimano marriage 

John Cusimano and Rachel Ray were married in a private ceremony at the Castello di Verona in Italy in 2005. The couple’s dog, Isaboo, passed away in May 2020, and they are without children. He is Rachel Ray’s only husband.

How did John Cusimano and Rachael Ray meet? 

At a friend’s party in 2004, John Cusimano and Rachel Ray got to know one another. She assumed he was gay as they conversed and considered setting him up with her friend, a different Italian man. 

John said he was not gay as the conversation came to an end at four in the morning. Before walking down the aisle on September 25, 2005, the couple dated for several months. 

Rachel Ray’s Children 

In 2007, Rachel Ray’s daughter Rachel told People magazine that they weren’t ready to have children because she was too busy working to be a good parent. Due to her inability to provide enough care for her dog on some days, she even began to feel guilty. 

John Cusimano net worth? 

The estimated net worth of John Cusimano is $10 million. His wife, meanwhile, has a $100 million net worth. 

John Cusimano occupation? 

If you’re curious what John Cusimano does, read on. Cusimano is a lawyer, musician on an instrument, actor, producer of motion pictures, author, and mixologist. 

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