15 Funny Things Nigerian Parents Say.



Every culture has its unique way of expressing humor, and Nigerian parents are no exception. 

With their wit, wisdom, and a dash of sternness, Nigerian parents have a knack for delivering hilarious sayings that leave their children both amused and bewildered.

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These humorous quips are often packed with life lessons and cultural insights that resonate with the Nigerian community.

In this article, we’ll explore 15 funny things Nigerian parents say that will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

1. “I did not kill my mother; do you want to kill me?”

Nigerian parents have mastered the art of guilt-tripping, and this saying is a classic example. Whenever their children misbehave or question their authority, they pull out this funny gem, reminding them of the respect they should have for their elders.

2. “If I catch you there, you will see pepper!”

Pepper is a common ingredient in Nigerian cuisine, but in this context, it symbolizes trouble and punishment. Nigerian parents often use this saying to warn their kids about the dire consequences of engaging in mischievous activities.

3. “Money doesn’t grow on trees, we don’t have trees we pluck money from.”

A universal parental saying, Nigerian parents emphasize the value of money by making it clear that it’s not something that can be obtained effortlessly. This saying serves as a gentle reminder to be mindful of spending and the importance of hard work.

4. “When I was your age, I walked 10 miles to school, barefoot!”

Nigerian parents love to recount their hardships from the past, emphasizing how easy their children have it compared to their own upbringing. It’s their way of encouraging resilience and gratitude.

5. “After I carried you for 9 Months!”

This classic phrase needs no explanation. Nigerian parents use it sparingly but effectively to gain compliance from their children during moments of defiance.

6. “Close that door before you invite mosquitoes for a meeting!”

Nigerians are no strangers to mosquitoes, and parents take every opportunity to protect their children from these pesky insects. This saying is a light-hearted reminder to be mindful of household chores.

7. “If your friend jumps into a well, will you follow?”

A humorous way to discourage children from blindly imitating their peers, this saying highlights the importance of critical thinking and individual decision-making.

8. “I didn’t send you to school to become a comedian!”

Nigerian parents prioritize education and often frown upon career paths that they consider less conventional. This saying pokes fun at the idea of their child pursuing a career in comedy rather than a more “respectable” profession.

9. “If I hear pem”

This comical retort is used when a Nigerian Parent beats their child and the child starts crying.

10. “You think you are doing me? You are doing yourself”.

A witty warning used to caution kids against reckless behavior, this saying humorously reminds them that they’ll bear the consequences of their actions.

11. “Put it on my head”

Nigerian parents are known for their mix-ups when sending one on an errand. When one asks “where should I put it” and it is obvious where the item should be kept, this reply comes from Nigerian parents. This saying highlights the occasional sarcasm of Nigerian parents. 

12. “If you spread your legs, ants will build a road.”

This amusing expression serves as a modesty reminder for young girls. Nigerian parents use it to discourage inappropriate sitting postures.

13. “Is it not your mate that is doing it? Does he have two heads?”

A playful way of asking children why they haven’t achieved something similar to their peers, this saying motivates them to work harder and aim higher.

14. “Come and eat me!”

Nigerian Parents most times give this reply to the statement “I am hungry”.

15. “How many times did I call you? Okay!”

A Nigerian Parents will ask this question after calling their child’s  name numerous times, to emphasize warning.


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