A paradigm Shift; How Peter Obi changed electioneering in Nigeria



Peter Obi is the favourite for the Aso Rock top job

Amongst the many thought-provoking and captivating headlines that rocked the most populous black nation on earth in 2022, one particular phenomenon stood out, one that wasn’t predicted nor anticipated especially due to the horrendous conditions that the current administration had put Nigerians. The presidential candidature of Peter Obi took the nation like a tsunami, and ever since he declared his aspiration for the most respected and powerful position in the country, there has been no turning back, it has been from one energy level to a higher one, and when it seems like the tension was dwindling, he’d inconspicuously breathe life into the movement through his many loving attributes which has endeared him to his unwavering supporters who identify as ‘OBIdients’, and thus the energy level and excitement for a new dispensation soars. In 62 years of Nigeria’s independence and 23 years of return to democracy, no presidential candidate has ignited the electorate like the Onitsha born businessman, and despite the fact that Nigeria’s political atmosphere is one that thrives on financial inducements at all levels, his followers have trouped out en masse in the most organic way possible, to further project his candidature as a divine ordinance from the supernatural realm. His approach to the campaigns have also been nothing short of a masterclass, with each state that he visits, he outperforms the former and it seems his supporters can’t just get enough of him. Peter Obi has shown that he is very ready to take over the leadership of this country and turn it around, from his many speeches where he has called for indigenous production & investments, and his micro-economic approach in the costing of governance, to his ‘ready made’ manifesto which was his time as the governor of Anambra where he totally repositioned the state to become one of the best in almost every facet. His humility and charisma have also paved way for his widespread acceptance, as he has not only spoken of how he will be available to the people, but has shown it by halting his campaign to visit flood victims around the country. Peter Obi has changed the conversation, he has shifted the paradigm and it is no longer business-as-usual for political jobbers and other stakeholders in the Nigerian polity who use elections as a means to fill their cash bags. It is safe to say that Peter Obi has shifted the paradigm, and we as Nigerians must as a collective support his candidature as his is the only one that inspires hope.


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