Akon Acknowledges Nigerians as the Smartest People on the Planet.



In a recent episode of the popular Drink Champs podcast, co-hosted by N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, the acclaimed Senegalese-American singer, Akon, showered praise on Nigerians, hailing them as arguably the “smartest people” on the planet.

Picture Soure- Pinterest.

The ‘Oh Africa’ crooner confidently stated that Nigeria is witnessing an incredible surge in billionaire creation, surpassing any other place in the world.

During the podcast conversation, Akon took a moment to acknowledge that, like in any society, there might be a few “bad apples” whose actions tarnish the country’s image. However, his emphasis remained firmly on his assertion that Nigerians are arguably the smartest people, that the incredible intellectual prowess and entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by Nigerians, has undoubtedly contributed to their outstanding success and achievements.

He said, “This could be debatable, but the Nigerians are the smartest people on the planet. I promise you, there is nobody more smarter than a Nigerian. Of course, there is a few bad apples that came out. They [the bad apples] are extremely smart. But they put their intelligence all in wrong place.

“If they were to gear that towards something more positive or productive… Because the ones that did, there’s more billionaires being made in Nigeria than anywhere in the world.”

The singer, Akon’s recognition of Nigeria’s brilliance and economic growth has sparked conversations among Nigerians across the globe, highlighting the nation’s potential as a hub for innovation, business, and remarkable achievements.


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