Anita Brown To Chioma: “You Had To Kill A Baby To Get A Dowry”



Anita Brown, Davido’s purported pregnant side girlfriend, has allegedly continued to humiliate the music icon despite the embarrassing the incident between them. Allegedly, she had travelled down to Nigeria a few days back to spite Chioma.

She claims that despite her criticism of the musician and his family, he is still interested in her. She boasted loudly and encouraged Nigerian women who are trolls to come and learn how to put a man down by talking nasty things about him and his family. 

She continued by saying that she was more attractive and wealthy than the African women who were insulting her. 

Anita insulted Chioma by stating that Chioma had to murder a kid to persuade a guy (Davido) to pay her dowry.

Watch the video below:

Netizens reacted to her outrageous claims, some of the responses are here:

itstonia440 said: “Pardon me to say this , when Chioma son kpai may his soul Rip , I felt God wanted to disconnect chioma from David thinking she’d leave him and this Anita would ve come in to be Davido’s karma , she’d ve delt with Davido so bad infact Chioma would ve been happily married to another man just watching the drama unfold from afar , she should be changed the destiny , now Chioma is like preventing what would ve happened to David she’s the one taking the bullet , no wonder women die sometimes in marriages you ll think all is well not knowing what she has to endure in the marriage , may God help women.” 

datingtomarry_ said: “As much as I like Davido. This market wey em go buy pass am. Akata will milk this attention and ruin his career for clouting. They don’t care and they are shameless. This one pain me o”

Official_djlonso said: “Bloggers keep giving this lunatic relevance”


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