“Let’s kill all the Igbos”: Arrest Made for Hate Speech Tweet Targeting Igbos as Police Take Swift Action



Arrest Made for Hate Speech Tweet Targeting Igbos as Police Take Swift Action.

In a significant development, the Osun State Police Command has apprehended a 28-year-old man, Kehinde Adekusibe, for his inflammatory and hate-filled tweet directed at the Igbo community. The arrest comes as a result of the suspect’s violation of social media policies on hate speech. The swift action taken by the police demonstrates their commitment to addressing hate speech and maintaining social harmony. This incident is a reminder of the challenges posed by hate speech in a diverse society and the need for effective measures to tackle such harmful rhetoric.

Kehinde Adekusibe, man who made the statement: “Let’s kill all the Igbos”.
The Offense and Arrest:

On May 18, 2023, Kehinde Adekusibe, using his Twitter handle, posted a tweet that read, “Let’s kill all the Igbos. Let’s flush them out of Yoruba lands. I hate these people with passion. They are violent people. They are the worst. They hate us. Let’s hate them without holding back.” The tweet immediately sparked outrage and violated social media policies on hate speech.

Upon receiving reports of the tweet, the Osun State Police Command swiftly mobilized its cybercrime section, based at the State Criminal Investigation Department in Osogbo, to investigate the matter. Through meticulous intelligence-led efforts, the suspect was located and apprehended in Ilesa, where he had been hiding. Kehinde Adekusibe has confessed to the offense, and upon the completion of the investigation, he will be brought before the court to face appropriate charges.

Background and Context:

This incident occurs against the backdrop of recent tensions between the Yoruba and Igbo communities in some Southwestern states, particularly Lagos, during the 2023 general elections. The conflict arose due to perceived support of the Igbo community for the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, in opposition to the Yoruba candidate, Bola Tinubu, who is currently “Nigeria’s president” (check out this post to know why that was in quote). Some individuals engaged in acts of violence against Igbos, alleging their involvement in voting for the opposing candidate.

Speculations surrounding an alleged plot to prevent Tinubu’s inauguration further intensified the tensions between the two ethnic groups. Unnamed political elites were rumored to be planning to establish an interim government after the exit of the then President, Muhammadu Buhari, on May 29, 2023. This intensified the existing animosity, with accusations that some Igbo supporters of Peter Obi were involved in the plot.


The arrest of Kehinde Adekusibe serves as a strong message that hate speech will not be tolerated, and those who engage in such divisive rhetoric will face legal consequences. The Osun State Police Command’s prompt action demonstrates their commitment to maintaining social harmony and upholding the law. It is crucial for society to recognize the negative impact of hate speech on communal relationships and work towards fostering understanding, tolerance, and respect among different ethnic groups.


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