BBNaija All-Stars: “I Once Confessed My Love To a Married Man“- Cee C



Cynthia Nwadiora, aka CeeC, a contestant on Big Brother Naija All Stars (BBNaija All-Stars), claimed that she never conceals her affections for a man she finds attractive.

She claimed that, in contrast to the widespread perception that men should approach women, she approaches males she likes.

In a conversation with TolaniBaj, Ike, and Adekunle, she made this claim.

The attorney described how she once asked a man out on a date only to discover that he was already married. She claimed that her affections for the man vanished right away.

“If I like a guy, I’ll approach him and tell him I like him,” CeeC remarked. “And just because I like you, it doesn’t mean I’ll chase you around”.

Tolanibaj asked, “You’ll walk up to a guy and tell him you like him?”

When she answered, “Yeah. Tolanibaj immediately began singing, “Never will I…” I’ll never do it.

“When you tell guys that you like them, they will come after you, ” CeeC remarked. “A man will choose the female he feels most strongly about over the one he isn’t sure about”.

“Men prefer to go with girls they know will like them over attractive women that they like but who will stress them out,” Ike also commented. 

“I once told a guy that I like him, but when I found out that he is married, that was the end of it,” CeeC continued. I’ll let you know whether I like you. Why can’t women tell men they like them if men can? I couldn’t care less about society’s standard”


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