Bobby Lee’s Ex-girlfriend Khalyla Kuhn and Why They Broke up



Former lovebirds Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn have ended their relationship in writing. Some of the couple’s supporters are shocked by this, while others point out that it has been obvious for a while now.

Regardless, the couple of ten years has assured their followers that they will continue to co-host their podcast TigerBelly and to be friends and business partners. 

Bobby Lee was born in California around 1971 and works as a comedian, actor, and podcaster. He became well-known after getting a role in the Fox sketch comedy series MAD TV, where he introduced a number of well-known and recurring characters before the show was cancelled.

After MAD TV ended, Lee went on to appear in a number of movies over the years. The most well-known endeavor Bobby Lee has undertaken since MAD TV is his podcast TigerBelly. Lee and Khalyla Kuhn, who Lee credits with changing his life, co-created the well-liked podcast.

Before the two co-founded and co-hosted the TigerBelly podcast, Kuhn and Bobby Lee had a romantic relationship.

In a TigerBelly episode, Lee revealed when their relationship started to change after informing their viewers that they had broken up.

After dealing with the onset of Kuhn’s medical condition years ago while in The Philippines, Lee explained that he initially felt more like her caregiver than a lover.

Lee added that he started having fantasies about other women. This event appeared to be the beginning of what would ultimately result in the breakdown of their relationship. Lee even said that despite their efforts, the couple had failed to save their relationship. 

TigerBelly episode 355 featured the official announcement of the breakup between Lee and Kuhn. 

Bobby was having a hard time keeping his composure as he announced to the audience that he and his longtime partner were splitting up, and Khalyla was wiping away tears. Many of the issues in the relationship, according to Bobby, were his fault. On Reddit and YouTube, there are rumors, though, that Khaylyla is unfaithful.

The former couple’s open relationship at the time, according to some fans, has everyone wondering which version of events is accurate. TigerBelly episode 355 featured Lee saying, “We’re good. We’re all right. We won’t be stopping. I’ll never see anyone else again in my life.

You don’t know that, Kuhn said in response to what Lee had said, to which Lee had replied, “No, I have no interest. Really, you understand my lack of interest?

Even in episode 381 in 2023, when fans are more than ready for the drama and “couples therapy” podcast sessions to end, Bobby still broke down in tears while discussing his split from Khalyla.

It doesn’t seem like either of the ex-couples has moved on because they are still discussing their breakup.


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