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Canvassing Support: How To Effectively Sell Your Candidate



PART I – Voters Demographic Analysis

The first and right step you have to take when going to canvass is to study and understand the demographics of the area. Demographic analysis is the study of a population-based on factors such as age, and sex. Demographic data refers to socioeconomic information expressed statistically, they are; employment, education, income, marriage rates, birth and death rates, religion, language and more. These are the factors that you must put into consideration before you embark on any sensitization programme to any neighborhood you’re unfamiliar with so as to organize and arm yourself with the needed communication tools to engage properly with them without constituting nuisance to their environment. You must understand the type of people you’re planning to talk to.
Before you move, make sure you must have satisfactorily answered the following questions;

  1. What is the level of crime and violence in this area?
  2. What are the most common types of crime that occurs in this area?
  3. What are the safest periods to be in this area?
  4. What are the norms or traditions that must be respected?

The answers you get will determine how you’d present yourself going forward.

Part II – Interaction: How To Engage with Voters

A good intention could easily be misinterpreted if communicated very poorly, this is why it is important to know how to properly engage with voters so that any form of glitch or misunderstanding doesn’t occur. For election and canvassing which is usually a very sensitive topic in many parts of the country, one must be extremely careful on how communication is initiated and sustained in the course of the sensitization rally or programme.

I have highlighted various indices for engaging voters and how to proceed.

i. How to engage people based on their religious beliefs – Once you find out the religion of a voter directly or indirectly, try as much as possible to integrate relatable religious precedents to them based on their religious beliefs. As you present evidence based reasons why they should join you, complement these reasons with Bible or Quranic verses that agree with your position. This will make them more susceptible to trusting and believing your words because you have cited examples which their faith also supports.

ii. How to engage people based on their traditional beliefs – It is adviced that grassroots sensitizations are best done by people of similar cultural heritage to the area intended for this purpose. This is because they most likely will share the same language, foods, norms. etc. When words come from a person of similar heritage, intention is communicated and understood easily because of the shared heritage. A Hausa man in a scanty village in Mbaitoli of Imo state will do a poor job in vote canvassing but will do far much better in Kano where he shares cultural and traditional beliefs with people he wishes to canvass.

iii. How to engage people based on their level of education – Speaking big grammar to a truck pusher without a secondary or primary education is to a high degree pointless. Come down to the level of knowledge which their education level afforded them. Speak pidgin and make gesticulations that show that you understand their struggle. Show them that you are also from the ‘street’. When you meet the very educated ones, engage them intellectually. Different strokes for different folks, it is however adviced to keep dialogue very simple at all times except where necessary.

iv. How to engage people based on their occupation – Do you think the kind of economic conversation you’d have with a lawyer will be the same with that of a businessman? While a doctor complains of poor working environment and inadequate salary, a businessman would be restless about his loan application which was just denied or the security of his whatehouse which is prone to armed robbery attacks. Certainly you can’t strike the same type of socio-economic discussions with both. Engage accordingly. Assure a businessman how the new government will provide more loans and grants, convince the doctor that the new government plans to restructure their salary and welfare packages.

v. How to engage people based on their age – An 82 year old woman has already lived life, a 19 year old boy has only started life, do you think that both parties should be told the same thing? Absolutely no: while you assure mama of how the new government will provide free healthcare for the elderly the young man is interested only in what will get him to his life ambition. Tell him how the new government will be youth friendly and how opportunities will be accessible to common people like him.

vi. How to engage people based on their gender – This is easy. Tell the women how the government will run an all inclusive country where everyone irrespective of their gender will be treated equally. Assure them of women safety and how the new government plans to reduce the rate of rape, unwanted pregnancies and domestic abuse of women. Tell the men men things!

vii. How to engage people based on their community/quality of life- The gospel you’ll preach to a millionaire in his Victoria Island condo is certainly not the same with that of a mushin resident. While one is looking for opportunities to manage and grow their wealth, the other may be looking for capital to start a business. Preach to them different sermons based on their socioeconomic conditions.

PART III – Voting Mentality

People approach the idea of elections and voting differently and it is sometimes necessary to understand ones mindset when trying to recruit them to join your movement.

There are 5 categories of voters in this segment;

  1. Those who share the same party with you- These are the people who are party members already. They don’t need to be recruited.
  2. Those who are undecided – These are those who don’t know which party to vote for, these are the best people to canvass. From their response you’d know where their vote is leaning to. if it’s the same with yours, give them more reasons to join you, if they are leaning to the opposition, reset their thinking by giving them evidence based reasons why your choice is better
  3. Those who don’t want to vote – These are the ones who believe their votes don’t count. They have never voted. Their PVC serves just as an identity card and nothing more. Sit them down, buy them a drink, show them how important every vote is and how this movement will sabotage every ploy to rig the election. In ekiti, votes where bought with as much as 10k, if it doesn’t count then why are they paying.
  4. Those who are paid to vote – These are usually the hardest to convince. A lot of them actually go through the PVC registration and collection stress solely for this reason; to ‘cashout’ during elections. Take your time to talk to them, use their immediate environment to show them how past administrations have abandoned and treated them unfairly. Make them understand that when they sell their votes, they sell their future.
  5. Those who are loyal to opposition – These are people who eat, live and breathe their party. They are prone to violence and are easily triggered. Engage them respectfully and ones it isn’t returned in a friendly manner, apologize and take your leave.


Fulani Militia Murder 42 Christians In Plateau Christian Community



*More than 50,000 Christians have been killed and millions displaced over the past 20 years.

*The goal of all these attacks is to drive the Christians out altogether and make the area entirely Muslim.

This attack is only one of many that Christian communities have faced post-election.

Gunmen wielding AK-47s and machetes killed 42 Christians and burned dozens of houses near Mangu in Nigeria’s Plateau State.The attackers – suspected to be Fulani militants – raided at least 11 communities from midnight to dawn early Tuesday in Nigeria’ North-Central region about 55 miles from the capital, Jos; Mangu County has faced multiple attacks by the Fulani militants this year.

More than 60 Christians were killed in the district after Mutfwang and his Peoples Democratic Party prevailed in the March election, Mutfwang described the attacks as “ethnic cleansing.” Radical Islamic Fulani militias have targeted the mostly Christian farming communities – more than 50,000 Christians have been killed and millions displaced over the past 20 years.

Others say a growing scarcity of farmland for the nomadic Fulani herders contributes to the attacks and conflict, witnesses say the Fulani, however, often get a free pass by government and military leaders who are tied to and mostly sympathetic with the Fulani.

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23 Nigerians who are Guinness World Record Holders



As Nigerians celebrate Hilda Bassey, the Nigerian Chef who has just broken the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time, we decided to take a tour in history to remember and appreciate her compatriots who came before her.

The Akwa-Ibom born chef cooked for 100 hours, breaking the previous record of 87 hours & 45 minutes set by Indian chef, Lata Tondon in 2019.

Chef Hilda Effiong Bassey Set A New Guinness World Record For The Longest Ever Cooking Time

  1. BOSE OMOLAYO: The heaviest para powerlift by a female in the 79 kg category is 144 kg (317 lb 7 oz), achieved by Bose Omolayo (Nigeria) at the World Para Powerlifting Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 2 December 2021.
  2. PAUL KEHINDE: The heaviest para powerlift by a male in the 65 kg category is 221 kg (487 lb 3.5 oz), achieved by Paul Kehinde (Nigeria) at the 9th Fazza 2018 World Para Powerlifting World Cup in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 19 February 2018. Kehinde broke his own world record of 220.5 kg, set at the World Championship in December 2017.
  3. STEPHEN KESHI: The youngest person to win the Africa Cup of Nations as a player and coach is Stephen Keshi (b. 31 January 1961, Nigeria) who was 52 years and 10 days old when he won the tournament as head coach of Nigeria at the FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa, on 10 February 2013. Keshi was captain of the national team when he won the tournament as a player in 1994, beating Zambia 2-1 in the final. As a manager Keshi lead his team to glory after a 1-0 win over Burkina Faso in the final.
  4. CHINONSO ECHE: The most football (soccer ball) headers in a prone position in one minute is 233 and was achieved by Chinonso Eche (Nigeria), in Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria, on 13 October 2021. Eche also holds the record for the fastest time to 1000 football (soccer ball) touches while balancing a ball on the head in 7 min 46 sec in Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria, on 13 October 2021. He equally earned the record of the most consecutive football (soccer) touches in one minute while balancing a football on the head which is 111 in Warri, Nigeria, on 14 November 2019.
  5. HARUNA ABDULAZEEZ: The most American football touches with the feet in one minute (male) is 75 and was achieved by Haruna Abdulazeez (Nigeria) in Kano, Nigeria, on 1 October 2020.
  6. PETER AHO: Nigeria’s Peter Aho took six wickets for five runs in 3.4 overs against Sierra Leone in a match staged at the University of Lagos Cricket Oval in Nigeria on 24 October 2021. This included a hat-trick with the last ball of the second over and the first two balls of the fourth as the visitors subsided to 70 all out, chasing 91 for victory.
  7. BAYO OMOBORIOWO: The largest photo book measures 60.84 m² (654 ft² 87 in²) achieved by TheJTAgency, Bayo Omoboriowo and Federal Republic of Nigeria, (all Nigeria) in Abuja, Nigeria, verified on 30 September 2021.The book is a recreation of the photo book titled Discover Nigeria.
  8. MFON UDOH: Mfon Udoh scored 23 goals for Enyimba in the Nigerian Premier League in 2013–14, breaking the previous best of 20 set by Jude Aneke (Nigeria) in 2010–11. It was Udoh’s first season for Enyimba, having transferred from Akwa United FC.
  9. DAVID OMUEYA DAFINONE: Three sons and two daughters of Senator David Omueya and Cynthia Esella Dafinone of Lagos, Nigeria, all qualified as members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales between 1986 and 1999. Their father had also become a member of the same institution in 1963. Igho Omueya Dafinone, Ede Omueya Dafinone and Duvie Omueya Dafinone are currently working within the firm of D O Dafinone Co. Chartered Accountants in Lagos. Daphne Omueya Dafinone and Joy Ufuoma Dafinone live in London.
  10. MODENINE: The Headies (formerly the Hip Hop World Awards), were inaugurated by Hip Hop World Magazine in 2006 to honour outstanding achievement in Nigerian music. British-born rapper Modenine (aka Babatunde Olusegun Adewale, Nigeria) has, appropriately enough, won nine Headies: Best Rap Album (Malcolm IX – The Lost Sessions, 2006), Best Rap Single (“Cry”, 2007) and seven “Lyricist on the Roll” awards (2006–11 and 2013).
  11. FELA KUTI: Fela Kuti recorded 46 albums as a solo artist over the course of a solo career spanning 23 years. The first solo album was recorded in 1969 and the last in 1992.
  12. VINCENT OKEZIE: The most consecutive backwards handsprings with a football (soccer ball) between the legs is 10, achieved by Vincent Okezie (Nigeria), in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, on 11 March 2022.He also joined Chukwuebuka Ezugha, Victor Richard Kipo to achieve the most consecutive passes of a football (soccer ball) between the head and soles while balancing on the back of a person which is 129, in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, on 11 March 2022
  13. BLESSING OKAGBARE: The most appearances in Diamond League meetings by an athlete is 67, achieved by Blessing Okagbare (Nigeria) in the 100 metres, 200 metres and long jump disciplines between 3 July 2010 and 31 August 2018.
  14. LAURITTA ONYE: The farthest shot put by a female F40 athlete is 8.40 m, achieved by Lauritta Onye (Nigeria) at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 11 September 2016.
  15. LUCY EJIKE: The heaviest powerlift for a -61 kg female athlete is 142 kg, achieved by Lucy Ejike (Nigeria) at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 11 September 2016.Her lift of 127.5 kg in the women’s -44 kg division has also stood since 20 September 2004, when she won gold at the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece.
  16. FOLASHADE OLUWAFEMIAYO: The heaviest powerlift by a female in the -86 kg category is 152.5 kg (336 lb 3 oz), achieved by Folashade Oluwafemiayo at the World Para Powerlifting Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 3 December 2021.She had to settle for a silver medal in the women’s -75 kg class at the Paralympic Games in London, UK, on 3 September 2012, but earlier that same day she completed a record lift of 148 kg.
  17. TUEDON MORGAN: The fastest time to run a half marathon on each continent and the North Pole (female) is 62 days 12 hr 58 min 49 sec, and was achieved by Tuedon Morgan (Nigeria), from 8 February 2015 to 12 April 2015.
  18. WIZKID: The first track to reach one billion streams on Spotify is “One Dance” by Drake (Canada) featuring musicians Wizkid and Kyla, as of 16 December 2016.
  19. YAKUBU ADESOKAN: Nigeria’s Yakubu Adesokan lifted 180 kg in the men’s -48 kg powerlifting competition at the Paralympic Games in London, UK, on 30 August 2012.
  20. JOY ONAOLAPO: Nigeria’s Joy Onaolapo won a gold medal at the Paralympic Games in London, UK, on 1 September 2012 when she produced a lift of 131 kg in the women’s -52 kg division.
  21. ADEOYE AJIBOLA: Adeoye Ajibola ran the men’s 100 metres in 10.72 seconds at the Paralympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, on 6 September 1992. Ajibola competes in the T46 classification, for athletes with an impairment that affects their arms or legs, including amputees.
  22. AYO MAKUN: AY’s debut movie in a leading role and producer, ‘30 days in Atlanta’ got recognized by Guiness Book of World Records in September 2016 for it’s high domestic gross earnings and at the time became the highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time. The movie also featured top Nollywood actors like Desmond Elliot, Majid Michel, and Ramsey Noah.
  23. KAFFY: Kafayat Oluwatoyin Kafayat (born 30 June 1980), popularly known by her stage name Kaffy, is Nigerian dancer best known for breaking the Guiness World Record  for “Longest Dance Party” at the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon in 2006.
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Nigerian Chef Sets New Guinness World Record For Longest Cooking Time



Chef Hilda Bassey Set A New Guinness Record By Cooking For 100 Hours Non-stop.

A 27 year old Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci has broken the record for the longest cooking time ever by an individual by cooking non-stop for over 4 days. The Akwa-Ibom born culinary delight and restauranteur whose real name is Hilda Effiong Bassey had set out to break the former record of 87 hours & 45 minutes set in 2019 by Indian chef, Lata Tondon by cooking non-stop for 96 hours, but decided to go a full centurion by pushing for 100 hours, thus breaking a record and setting a new one and in the process becoming the first ever individual in the world to reach the 100 hour mark in a cook-athon.

Chef Bassey Receiving Psychological Support From Her Sous-chef.

The venue of the event in Lagos was packed to the brim and attracted Nigerians from all walks of life including many public figures who came to cheer her on to victory as this was no easy feat considering how physically and mentally demanding the task was. Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha and brand influencer, Enioluwa were amongst a few of the celebrities who showed up to add positive vibes to the atmosphere. The event was also graced by Lagos state executive governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Senator Godswill Akpabio who coincidentally is from her home state of Akwa-Ibom. Also at the event was Mrs Margaret Obi, wife to LP’s presidential candidate and alleged winner of the 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi also touched ground to give words of encouragement as both also hail from the same state.

Netizens on Twitter and Facebook didn’t hold back in pouring out encomiums to the young chef who many have already started drawing inspiration from. Afrobeats superstar, Burnaboy, Kate Henshaw, Peter Okoye of PSquare are a few of the entertainers who wished her well on her journey to achieving this feat through their Twitter pages.

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