CASHLESS POLICY: APC, PDP conclude plans to buy votes using electronic banking facilities



The 2 foremost political parties in Nigeria, the All Progressive Congress (APC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP), have engineered a move that will enable them buy votes electronically using bank transfers, POS devices and other electronic means on election day.

Our insiders in some major banks across the country have revealed how this has caused a high demand for POS devices in the past week.

One would have thought that the sudden demand for these electronic banking devices was from business owners who had no option than to switch to cashless transactions following the CBN policy.

But alas, it is a move deployed my agents of these political parties to consolidate on their structure which is hugely dependent on a transactional premise.

Further investigation revealed that the banks are not oblivious of this and are in fact in connivance with the stakeholders in these political parties.

One of our sources stated “over 500 POS machines have been revealed in the last week in our branch alone, some of them go directly to the POS companies to acquire the machines, bypassing the banks, they only come here to link the device with their account”.

We also learned that these party agents use front businesses to apply for these devices since it’s only available to business owners.

This is coming only days after the CBNs new banking policy which has caused a nationwide scarcity of Naira notes, a policy which is seen as a masterstroke to mitigate vote buying in the 25th February presidential elections and 11th March 2023 gubernatorial elections.


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