Chike’s New Melodic Masterpiece ‘Ego Oyibo’ Redefines Timeless Love



Renowned as a luminary in the realm of R&B music, Chike has once again enthralled listeners with his latest release, Ego Oyibo, a soul-stirring exploration into the realm of classic love.

This heart stirring love song showcases Chike’s unparalleled mastery in imbuing emotions with vivid colors, etching an enduring impression on the hearts of his devoted fans.

True to his dedication to old-fashioned romance, Ego Oyibo, meaning “Foreign Currency,” paints an enchanting tale of love’s encounter and tender proposal, exuding the essence of eternal love through a contemporary musical lens.

As one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2023, following the visual spectacle of On the Moon and the thrilling collaboration with Oxlade on ‘Spell,”Égo Oyibo’ captures the very essence of Chike’s musical prowess.

Teaming up with his trusted producer, DeeYasso, Chike effortlessly weaves together the languages of Igbo, English, and Pidgin, creating a harmonious fusion that adds depth and authenticity to the heartwarming narrative.

Ego Oyibo’ invites listeners on an emotional journey, from meeting the lover’s parents to the payment of her bride price, envisioning a future adorned with love and commitment.

This captivating song serves as a poignant reminder that love knows no boundaries of time or culture; it is an enduring connection that surpasses all odds.

Chike’s artistry continues to garner universal acclaim, resonating with audiences worldwide. As a maestro orchestrating the soundtrack of our love lives, Chike flawlessly captures the myriad stages of love, from the tender beginnings of blossoming romance to the fiery passion that sets our souls ablaze.

Ego Oyibo’ is an exquisite testament to the timelessness of love, leaving listeners spellbound by Chike’s musical prowess once more.


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