China has BANNED gay couples from Adopting Children.



China has recently made headlines for implementing a ban that prohibits gay couples from adopting children.

The decision has sparked discussions on social media platforms like Twitter, catching the attention of various popular figures, including American Youtuber and Political Streamer, Jackson Hinkle.

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Reasons behind the ban can be related to a statement released by China Center of Adoption Affairs back in 2006 which asserted that prospective adoptive referrals will no longer be provided to homosexuals, in alignment with the country’s Marriage Law, which only recognizes families formed through opposite-sex marriage. Consequently, homosexual families lack legal protection under current Chinese laws according to the CCAA.

The stance on gay marriage in China goes beyond legal considerations. From a medical perspective, homosexuality is classified as a form of sexual obstruction, falling under the category of psychiatric disorders related to sexual psychological barriers in the China Mental Disorder Classification and Diagnosis Standard.

Furthermore, Chinese traditional ethics and societal norms consider gay marriage to be an act that violates public morality, leading to its non-recognition by the society at large. Consequently, the Adoption Law emphasizes the importance of not violating social ethics especially with children, leading to the prohibition of gay couples from adopting children in China.

The ban has triggered diverse reactions and discussions on the intersection of law, culture, and human rights, with people expressing various opinions on social media platforms worldwide.


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