David Hundeyin, Claps Back at Anita Brown



Nigerian Investigative Journalist, David Hundeyin, Claps Back at Anita Brown’s Insults Towards Davido and Nigerians.

In the face of derogatory remarks made by American citizen Anita Brown directed at popular music star Davido and the Nigerian populace, Nigerian investigative journalist David Hundeyin has stepped forward to address the situation.

Anita Brown recently accused Davido of impregnating her and subsequently unleashed a series of insults targeting both the singer and Nigerians in general.

In response to Brown’s outburst against Davido and his wife Chioma, Nigerian internet users took it upon themselves to conduct investigations.

Their findings revealed alleged past involvement of Brown in the adult film industry, and explicit videos featuring her on the platform Shesfreaky.

These discoveries sparked severe criticism from Nigerians, who questioned Brown’s credibility as a purported successful businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Attempting to defend herself amidst the backlash, Anita Brown denied being a porn star and suggested that any videos featuring her were likely from her previous relationship.

However, on Friday morning, Brown resurfaced on Twitter to launch yet another attack on Davido.

In her tweets, she described Nigerians as “evil ass” individuals who partake in sacrificial acts involving babies.

She further expressed her disdain for what she referred to as Nigeria’s “demonic culture.”

In her words;

“Evil ass Nigerians Sacrificing babies and shit I would never want parts in no demonic culture! @Davido WICKED.”

In response to the offensive remarks made by Brown, David Hundeyin took to Twitter to share his reaction, expressing that Nigerians do not want her either.

Hundeyin highlighted the fact that if Brown holds such disdain towards Nigerians and their culture, she should also feel repulsed by the prospect of giving birth to a Nigerian baby, as she claims to be carrying.

After retweeting her post, Hundeyin went on to convey his sentiments.

He wrote;

“Not sure if you got the memo, but we aren’t exactly dying to claim you either.

And since you hate Nigerians and our “demonic culture” so much, you should be disgusted at the thought of giving birth to the Nigerian baby you claim is growing inside you. You can do us all a favour.”


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