Dramatic Threat to Reveal Britney Spears’ Private Information From Her Husband



Sam Asghari and pop icon Britney Spears are divorcing, and an exclusive report from Page Six claims that Asghari wants to get more money than what their prenuptial agreement allows in order to protect Spears’ hidden discoveries from Spears. 

In exchange for concessions, the Family Business actor, 29, is allegedly threatening to reveal extremely embarrassing information about Spears. 

A large portion of Britney’s estimated $70 million net worth has gone toward paying legal fees and child support for her two kids, Jayden, 16, and Sean Preston, 17, respectively.

Although the exact sum is still a mystery, it’s doubtful that the current prenup permits such disclosures. Representatives from both sides have not yet responded. 

Insiders assert that Spears’ team is protecting her interests while pledging a friendly breakup. One insider claims that Asghari’s actions are just “blackmail” and won’t be carried out.


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