DSS Denies Restricting Emefiele’s Access to Family and Medical Officials amidst Suspension



In a recent development, the Department of State Services (DSS) has refuted claims that Godwin Emefiele, the suspended governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), was denied access to his family and medical officials. The DSS made this statement in response to a court order directing them to grant Emefiele access to his lawyers and family members.

Court Orders DSS to Grant Emefiele Unhindered Access to Lawyers and Family Amidst Suspension

According to Peter Afunanya, the spokesperson for the DSS, Emefiele had been given access to his family and medical professionals even before the court order was issued. In a statement released on Saturday, Afunanya revealed that the secret service agency had discovered a planned campaign aimed at tarnishing the image of the government regarding Emefiele’s suspension.

Afunanya further elaborated, stating, “Such groups intend to gather at different points in Abuja and Lagos in the coming week with placards depicting the service and government in bad light as well as calling for the immediate release of Emefiele.” He warned against engaging in cheap propaganda to distract and demotivate the DSS from carrying out its responsibilities professionally.

The DSS emphasized its commitment to transparency, professionalism, and adherence to the rule of law, asserting that it operates in compliance with democratic governance. The agency expressed concern over misleading commentaries, speculative narratives, and videos circulating on social media, cautioning against the infiltration of disloyal staff for subversive purposes.

While addressing the ongoing matter, the DSS clarified that it had already granted Emefiele’s family, medical officials, and appropriate individuals access to him prior to the court order. The agency assured the public of its professionalism and steadfastness in handling the case under its purview, vowing not to be distracted or intimidated by the orchestrated attempts to undermine its operations.

It should be noted that President Bola Tinubu suspended Emefiele on June 9, directing him to transfer his responsibilities to Folashodun Adebisi Shonubi, the deputy governor of the operations directorate. The DSS had previously announced that Emefiele was in their custody for investigative reasons, which initiated a wave of speculation and public interest surrounding the case.

As the situation unfolds, it remains crucial for all parties involved to respect the due process of law and allow for a fair and impartial investigation. The DSS’s commitment to transparency and adherence to legal procedures should provide reassurance to the public that the case is being handled diligently.


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