Ebuka Reveals Key Qualities he Seeks in BBNaija Housemates.



In a conversation on his Channels TV show, Rubbin’ Minds, renowned BBNaija host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, spilled the beans on what impresses him about the BBNaija reality show’s housemates.

Alongside co-hosts Beauty Tukura and Prince Nelson, the former BBNaija season 1 housemate disclosed the specific attributes that leave a lasting impression on him.

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Ebuka, known for his candid opinions and charismatic charm, shared that his favorite participants on the BBNaija reality show are those who manage to surprise him.

He admitted that before the show commences, he often goes through the BBNaija housemates’ profiles, forming initial opinions that sometimes prove to be misleading. The ones who catch him off guard with their unassuming demeanor before unleashing drama during the show invariably capture his attention and admiration.

He playfully teased exBBNaija housemateBeauty Tukura, acknowledging how she defied his expectations by bringing an unexpected level of energy and vivacity to the house. Likewise, Prince Nelson’s vibrant presence and the community he created around himself showcased the kind of dramatic elements that Ebuka finds enthralling.

In Ebuka’s words, “I have liked everybody who surprised me because I got a lot of your profiles before the show starts and I think, ‘This person go dry’. So, the ones who ended up going in, and I’m like, ‘Wow! Okay, I didn’t see that coming.’ And you [Beauty] were one of them because I thought you were going to be a dead babe, but you were not so dead [laughs]. So, that was a little surprising. People that give me drama. You [Prince], I don’t know if your drama was intentional, but you had a community around you [laughs].”

Another crucial quality that piques BBNaija Ebuka’s interest is the housemates’ strategic game plans. He expressed his preference for contestants who enter the BBNaija house with a clear intention to impress and win. While authenticity is valued, Ebuka believes that the high stakes of the show warrant some level of strategic planning to secure the coveted ₦100 million prize. Former BBNaija housemate Pere’s initial strategic approach caught his attention, although it appeared to wane as the show progressed. Ebuka reminisced about past housemates like Miracle and Tobi, who displayed a keen sense of competition and strategic acumen, making their seasons highly engaging.

he said, “I have also enjoyed people who played the game… One thing I’ve grown to like a lot less over the seasons are people who come in and say, ‘I was just myself.’ It’s a good thing, but I also say that there is money to be won, how do you not come in with a game plan? I always feel like, if you are coming to win a ₦‎100 million, whatever it is, there should be some plan. And we don’t get that very often. Pere gave us a bit of that, then sort of disappeared at some point when I dragged him small and he sort of chilled. I like people who play the game and stick with it. Miracle did that quite a bit. Miracle and Tobi in their season. They had a bit of competition that was very interesting. But they also had woman matter around them.”

Among his reminiscing, Ebuka revealed a personal favorite from his own BBNaija season – Gideon. He fondly described him as “amazing,” leaving an indelible mark in his memory.

Ebuka’s own journey from housemate to host has been nothing short of phenomenal, catapulting him into the limelight in 2006.

Despite finishing in eighth place during his season, his subsequent success and popularity as a host are unrivaled, cementing his position as an integral part of the BBNaija legacy.


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