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Everything You Need to Know About Odumodublvck in 2023: Age, Net worth, Career, Real Name, Songs, Background.



In the dynamic world of music, a new wave of talent is emerging, igniting the stage and enrapturing audiences with their fresh and innovative approach to rap.

Fuelled by their passion for storytelling, these rappers use their craft to share powerful narratives, addressing social issues, personal struggles, and life experiences that resonate deeply with their listeners. Their ability to convey raw emotions through clever wordplay and rhythmic verses has earned them an army of devoted fans, eager to follow their every move.

What sets these fast-rising rappers in their career apart is their unwavering commitment to authenticity. They refuse to conform to stereotypes and clichés, choosing instead to stay true to their roots, cultures, and unique perspectives.

As they rise from the shadows to the spotlight, these rappers are proving that talent knows no boundaries. From underground mixtapes to global recognition, their journey has been one of resilience and determination. 

Nigerian rapper Odumodublvck is one of such extremely talented fast rising rappers.

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Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu, better known by his stage name Odumodublvck, is a talented Nigerian rapper and songwriter who is celebrated for his electrifying stage presence and unique genre-blending style. In a surprisingly pleasant turn of events in 2022, he secured a record deal with NATIVE Records, collaborating with the renowned Def Jam in the process.

Odumodublvck’s journey to stardom can be traced back to his breakout track Picanto, which became the catalyst for his rise to fame. The song, featuring the acclaimed Nigerian Lamba Rapper Zlatan Ibile and the impressive Ecko miles, was released under NATIVE Records on November 23, 2022. Its infectious beats and captivating lyrics captured the hearts of music enthusiasts, catapulting the rapper Odumodublvck to the forefront of the music scene.

In addition to his solo success, Odumodublvck is a proud member of the esteemed hip-hop collective known as Anti World Gangstars. Together, they represent a powerful force in the industry, bringing their individual talents and unique perspectives to create a profound impact on the world of hip-hop.

With his exceptional stage performances, boundary-pushing genre-blend, and the support of NATIVE Records and Def Jam, Odumodublvck’s future in the music industry shines bright. As he continues to craft his art and contribute to the evolution of Nigerian rap, music enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter in the rapper’s illustrious career. Let’s check out more info on this fascinating Nigerian rapper.

Profile Summary.

Full NameTochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu.
Also Known AsBig Gun/Odumodublvck.
Commonly Identified WithIgbo warrior hat (okpuagu).
Date of Birth18 October 1993.
Age29 years old currently.
Relationship StatusSingle
ProfessionEntertainment Artist/Songwriter
Net Worth$50,000

Odumodublvck Background.

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Odumodublvck, the talented rapper, hails from the city of Lagos State, where he was born and raised. During his junior high education at King College in Gwagwalada, Abuja, he earned the stage name “Odumodu,” a moniker that would later become synonymous with his artistic identity. At the age of 17, he and his family relocated to Abuja, setting the stage for new opportunities and experiences.

Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, Odumodublvck pursued a degree in Mass Communications at the esteemed University of Lagos. After years of dedication and hard work, he successfully graduated with a B.Sc., equipped with the skills and knowledge to make his mark in the world of entertainment.

Beyond his music career, Odumodublvck cherishes the bond with his family, comprising four sisters and one brother, creating a close-knit and supportive circle that has been an essential source of inspiration and encouragement throughout his journey.

Odumodublvck Age.

Odumodublvck, born on October 18, 1993, is presently 29 years of age at the time of writing this article.

Odumodublvck Career.

In 2022, Odumodublvck secured a record deal with NATIVE Records, collaborating with the esteemed Def Jam in the process, marking a significant milestone in his flourishing career as a rapper.

Picture Source- Apple Music.

The same year, rapper Odumodublvck’s talent and hard work were recognized at the Galaxy Music Awards, where he was crowned the Next Rated Artist. As part of this prestigious award, he was gifted a brand new Lexus IS 350, a well-deserved prize for his outstanding contributions to the music industry.

On November 23, 2022, Odumodublvck teamed up with B.O.C Madaki to release their joint studio album, The Drop, which received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike.

A few months later, the rapper dropped his chart-topping single, Picanto, featuring ECko Miles and Zlatan. This track made an impressive debut on the Nigeria TurnTable Top 100, entering at number 79 and eventually reaching number 65.

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The year 2022 brought more accolades for Odumodublvck, as he took the stage at the Jameson Connects concert alongside DRB LasGidi and Victony in Abuja. The rapper’s talent and popularity were further recognized at the Galaxy Music Awards, where he once again triumphed in the Next Rated Artist category.

In early 2023, Odumodublvck’s rising star continued to shine as he secured the fourth position on TurnTable’s NXT Emerging Top Artistes list. During this period, he also released his first single of the year, Declan Rice, which held a special significance as it came after a life-threatening surgery that he bravely endured.

The success of Declan Rice soared, earning Odumodublvck his first top 10 entry on TurnTable’s official Nigeria Top 100 Songs chart, landing at an impressive number 8. The track’s popularity further soared when it claimed the number 1 spot on TheCable Lifestyle airplay chart on April 1, 2023.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Odumodublvck is a valued member of the hip-hop collective, Anti World Gangstars, where the rapper’s artistry blends harmoniously with that of his talented peers.

With a string of accomplishments and an unwavering commitment to his craft, Odumodublvck’s career as a rapper continues to flourish, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and captivating audiences around the world.

Odumodublvck songs:

  • Goboyi (2016)
  • Jobless Baller
  • Domitila (2022)
  • Rainy Day (Chop Sand) [2022]
  • Dog Eat Dog (2022)
  • Picanto (2022)
  • Declan Rice (2023)
  • Dog Eat Dog II (2023)

Odumodublvck albums:

  • T.A.B.S (TO ALL Blvcksheep) (2017)
  • Anti-World Gangstars (2018)
  • T a D E : The Afro Drill Experiment EP (2020)
  • Time & Chance (2021)
  • Time & Chance (Deluxe) (2021)
  • Odiegwu (2021)
  • T a D E : The Afro Drill Experiment II (2022)
  • The Drop (2022)

Odumodublvck Culture.

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With an unapologetic love for his culture, the rapper embraces his ethnicity with pride. He showcases his heritage proudly by adorning his outfits with the Okpu Agu (Igbo red cap), which is also known as the warrior’s cap, a symbol of his identity, which he fearlessly pairs with various styles of clothing.

In an exclusive interview in 2022, Odumodublvck was asked why he always wore the warrior cap, he said it is because he is at war with some unfair play that goes on in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Odumodublvck Relationship:

As of the time of writing this article. Odumodu Black is currently single.

Odumodublvck net worth:

According to available reports, Odumodublvck, the talented Nigerian rapper, is believed to have an estimated net worth of approximately $50,000.

Odumodublvck Political Stand.

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On May 25, 2023, Odumodublvck, the renowned rapper, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the inauguration of Bola Tinubu at the Renewed Hope concert. In his quote, he expressed that he was approached to perform at the inauguration but declined, suggesting that the organizers had not done their research beforehand.

He tweeted “They Tried To Get Me To Perform At The Inauguration. They Did Not Do Their Research.” 

However, a few months earlier, on March 2, 2023, Odumodublvck demonstrated his political support in the second verse of the NATIVE Sound System single Vex, where he proclaimed his hope in Peter Obi to bring positive change, stating, “I dey hope on Peter Obi to save me.”

Furthermore, on social media, he playfully referred to himself as Peter Obi’s running mate, further emphasizing his endorsement and admiration for the politician.

Odumodublvck’s social media handles:

Odumodublvck maintains an active and engaging presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

With his exceptional talent and enthralling content, he has been steadily gaining a substantial and dedicated following of fans and supporters.

Picture Source-Pinterest.

You can connect with Odumodublvck through the following social media handles:

  • Twitter: @Odumodublvck_
  • Instagram: @Odumodublvck
  • Facebook: @Odumodublvck

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Bad Guys With IPhone: Why Apple Won’t Let Bad Guys Use IPhones in Movies



In the world of entertainment, the integration of real-world products into TV shows and movies is a common practice, often known as product placement. This subtle form of advertising has become an integral part of media, with brands striving to showcase their products and logos in the most seamless way possible. However, when it comes to Apple, the tech giant takes a rather distinctive approach to product placement that sets it apart from its peers. In this article, we’ll delve into Apple’s strategy, explore how product placement works, and uncover the intriguing stipulations Apple places on its devices’ appearances in the entertainment industry.


Understanding Product Placement

Product placement is a marketing technique that involves featuring a brand’s products or logos within various forms of media, including movies and TV shows. The intention is to subtly expose audiences to the brand and create a sense of familiarity or endorsement. This method can range from subtle appearances in the background to more obvious and intentional showcases.

Most often, product placement involves a financial transaction, where companies pay studios or producers to include their products in the content. The prominence of a product in a scene, the duration of its appearance, and the overall exposure it receives all contribute to the price tag associated with this practice. However, there’s one prominent player in the tech industry that has adopted a different approach.

Apple’s Unconventional Strategy

Unlike many other brands, Apple does not follow the traditional route of paying studios for product placement. Instead, Apple takes pride in providing its iconic devices like MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones to studios free of charge, allowing them to be used as props in various scenes. This practice, while cost-effective for studios, comes with a unique stipulation that sets Apple apart in the world of product placement.

A Stipulation Unlike Any Other

One of the most intriguing stipulations Apple imposes on its devices’ appearances is the company’s aversion to having “bad guys” portrayed using iPhones. This curious detail was revealed by director Rian Johnson during discussions about his movie “Knives Out.” Johnson shed light on how this particular aspect can even serve as a subtle clue for audiences:

“Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies, but—and this is very pivotal—if you’re ever watching a mystery movie, bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera.”

While Apple’s official guidelines do not explicitly state “bad guys can’t use iPhones,” they emphasize that Apple products should only be portrayed in a positive light. This stipulation aligns with Apple’s broader approach of ensuring that its devices are associated with positive attributes and notions.

Interestingly, Apple’s guidelines extend beyond merely dictating the roles its devices play in scenes. The company also encourages a natural and organic integration of its products into the storyline. The aim is to avoid blatant displays of the Apple logo or overt endorsements that could disrupt the immersion of the audience.

Creating a Seamless Illusion

Apple’s unique approach to product placement is rooted in the desire to make its devices a seamless part of the storytelling experience. By providing its products as props without monetary transactions, Apple aims to contribute to the authenticity of scenes while maintaining its image of innovation and quality.

In a world where branding and marketing play a significant role, Apple’s stance on product placement stands out as a testament to its commitment to both its brand identity and the integrity of the content it contributes to. So, the next time you’re engrossed in a mystery movie or your favorite TV show, pay close attention to the devices characters are using. It just might be the key to unraveling the narrative.

In conclusion, Apple’s approach to product placement reflects its dedication to crafting a seamless and authentic entertainment experience. While other brands may pay for conspicuous advertising, Apple’s preference for subtlety and positive association underlines its commitment to its products’ integrity and the audience’s engagement. As the world of movies and TV shows continues to evolve, Apple’s unique stance on product placement adds an intriguing layer to the tapestry of entertainment.

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Everything You Need to Know About Emily Elizabeth in 2023



Why is Emily Elizabeth Famous?

Meet Emily Elizabeth, a renowned social media sensation who has taken the internet by storm with her captivating presence on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Garnering widespread attention for her travel escapades and stunning bikini snapshots, Emily has effortlessly carved a niche for herself in the realm of online influencers. Her engaging content not only resonates with her audience but has also paved the way for lucrative brand endorsements from esteemed American companies.

Emily Elizabeth

What Nationality is Emily Elizabeth?

Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Florida, United States, Emily proudly embraces her American roots. Born and raised in the Sunshine State, her journey from Florida to the bustling cityscape of New York is a testament to her dynamic spirit and evolving aspirations.

Who does Emily Elizabeth model for?

Blessed with captivating beauty, Emily radiates an undeniable allure that perfectly complements her identity as a fitness enthusiast. Her dedication to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle not only fuels her personal well-being but also enhances her prowess as a professional Instagram model. With an ardent following of millions, she effortlessly captivates hearts across the platform, solidifying her status as a social media sensation. The culmination of her success can be witnessed through her collaborations with esteemed brands such as Fashion Nova and Ignite Swimwear, further exemplifying her influence and impact in the industry.

What is Emily Elizabeth Instagram name?

Emily’s vibrant presence shines through, and her Instagram handle, @emmilyelizabethh, serves as a virtual gateway into her captivating world. Through this digital window, she connects with her audience, sharing glimpses of her life, passions, and captivating content that have garnered her widespread acclaim.

How did Emily get Clifford?

Emily assumes the dual role of both owner and cherished companion to Clifford, a journey that began when she welcomed him into her life as a tiny pup. The profound affection she showered upon him was instrumental in his remarkable growth to an extraordinary size, necessitating a transition from their Pembroke Home to a new abode in Lumberton. This narrative of devotion and companionship underscores the profound connection between Emily and her pup, as they navigate life’s twists together.

Who voiced Emily Elizabeth?

In the animated world of “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” the character of Emily Howard comes to life through the voices of Grey DeLisle and Joanna Ruiz, infusing her persona with depth and charm.

Emily Elizabeth

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50 Interesting Things to Talk About With Your Crush 



Starting a conversation with your crush can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The key to making a lasting impression lies in discussing topics that pique their interest and encourage engaging dialogues.

Picture Source- Pinterest

Whether you’re chatting in person or through messaging, here are 50 intriguing conversation starters that will help you break the ice, get to know your crush better, and create memorable interactions.

  1. Travel Adventures: Share travel anecdotes or ask about their dream destinations.
  2. Favorite Books: Discuss literature preferences and recommend each other reads.
  3. Bucket List: Discover their aspirations and things they want to achieve.
  4. Movies and TV Shows: Exchange recommendations and discuss recent favorites.
  5. Hobbies and Interests: Learn about their passions and what makes them tick.
  6. Food Adventures: Share culinary experiences and explore unique cuisines.
  7. Music Tastes: Discuss favorite genres, artists, and memorable concert experiences.
  8. Dream Career: Find out what they envision for their professional journey.
  9. Life Philosophies: Talk about personal beliefs and life perspectives.
  10. Adventurous Activities: Discuss skydiving, bungee jumping, or other thrilling pursuits.
  11. Childhood Memories: Share funny anecdotes and reminisce about growing up.
  12. Hidden Talents: Ask about any unique skills or talents they might possess.
  13. Personal Achievements: Celebrate accomplishments and goals they’ve reached.
  14. Puzzle Challenges: Share brain teasers or riddles for a playful exchange.
  15. Favorite Quotes: Discuss inspirational quotes that resonate with them.
  16. Technology Trends: Talk about gadgets, apps, and tech innovations.
  17. Artistic Flair: Discuss favorite art forms and creative expressions.
  18. Dream Vehicles: Share fantasy cars or vehicles they’d love to own.
  19. Pet Stories: Share tales of beloved pets or discuss animal preferences.
  20. Fictional Universes: Explore their favorite movies, shows, or book series.
  21. Fitness Pursuits: Discuss workouts, fitness goals, or outdoor activities.
  22. Dream Destinations: Talk about places they dream of visiting and why.
  23. Gaming Experiences: Share gaming stories and talk about video games.
  24. Language Learning: Discuss languages they want to learn or already know.
  25. Volunteer Work: Discover causes they’re passionate about and involved in.
  26. Fashion Styles: Discuss fashion trends, preferences, and style icons.
  27. Astrology and Horoscopes: Playfully explore zodiac signs and traits.
  28. Random Facts: Share quirky facts about yourself or ask them to share.
  29. Life-changing Moments: Discuss events that have shaped their perspectives.
  30. Dream Home: Talk about ideal living spaces and design elements.
  31. Favorite Childhood Cartoons: Discuss animated shows from their past.
  32. Superpowers: Playfully inquire about the superpower they’d choose.
  33. Dance Moves: Share fun dance anecdotes or discuss dancing styles.
  34. Dream Parties: Talk about their ideal party themes and guest lists.
  35. Inspirational Figures: Discuss people who inspire them and why.
  36. Cultural Traditions: Exchange stories about unique family customs.
  37. Gardening and Nature: Discuss green thumbs and outdoor interests.
  38. Innovative Ideas: Share creative concepts or inventions you’ve thought of.
  39. Role Models: Discuss people they look up to in various aspects of life.
  40. Favorite Comedy: Talk about their go-to comedy movies or stand-up specials.
  41. Historical Figures: Discuss historical personalities they find intriguing.
  42. Dream Challenges: Share daring feats you’d both like to accomplish.
  43. Spooky Stories: Playfully exchange tales of ghostly encounters.
  44. Dream Parties: Talk about their ideal party themes and guest lists.
  45. Video Game World: Discuss favorite games and gaming experiences.
  46. Favorite Desserts: Share sweet tooth cravings and sugary delights.
  47. Future Predictions: Playfully discuss where you both see yourselves in years.
  48. Local Hidden Gems: Talk about underrated places to visit in your city.
  49. Unique Collections: Share hobbies like collecting stamps or action figures.
  50. Memorable Concerts: Discuss live music experiences that left an impact.

Engaging in interesting conversations with your crush is all about finding common ground, sharing experiences, and exploring various aspects of each other’s lives.

These conversation starters provide a wide array of topics to choose from, allowing you to discover shared interests, create memorable moments, and build a connection that could potentially lead to something more meaningful.

Remember, the key is to be genuine, attentive, and to listen actively to what they have to say.

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