Experience the Pulse of Africa- Top 12 best cities.



Top 12 best cities in Africa.

Africa is a continent coated with vibrant culture, stunning scenery and rich history. From Cape Town’s magnificent sceneries to Marakech’s beautiful palaces, vibrant metropolises like Lagos to colorful coastal towns like Stone Town with beautiful safaris from Nairobi, The pulse of the continent is constantly throbbing, giving off a rich blend of culture, heritage and international development that draws tourists from all parts of the world. 

here is our list of top 12 cities that showcase the vibrant spirit of Africa:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa:

Cape Town, South Africa (Image Source- Bing Images).

Cape Town, known for its beautiful beaches and plethora of natural attractions is one of the oldest cities in South Africa, and since it is where the South African Parliament is located, it acts as the nation’s legislative capital. This golden work of art is well-known for its huge selection of beaches to explore, its rich culture as it is a home to a myriad of museums, art galleries and historic sites like the Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, and its delectable wine which is known as one of the best and most affordable in the world. The food in Cape Town is another reason the city is on the lips of tourists as it is undisputedly the culinary capital of South Africa, which is vividly depicted by its Condé Nast’s Readers’ Choice Awards as the best food city in the world years ago. Interestingly, The New York Times rated Cape Town the top tourist destination in the world in 2014, and The Daily Telegraph did the same in 2016. Voted  best city in the world seven years in a row. It truly is a wonder to behold!

2. Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech, Morocco (Image Source- Bing Images)

Marrakech, also known as Marrakesh, is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities and the country’s fourth-largest city overall which has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years. As the seat of the Saadian dynasty, Marrakesh rose to prominence at the beginning of the 16th century and houses some of the most stunning architecture in the world as Sultans Abdallah al-Ghalib and Ahmad al-Mansur adorned the city with stunning palaces, mosques and gardens. The country is known as A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the food depicts a blend of culture as there are numerous delicacies to try out. The city is among the busiest in all of Africa because of its significant commercial hub and popular tourist attraction, with Jemaa el-Fnaa serving as the busiest square in the continent. The riads in Marrakech, are a must-try as they are beautiful and luxurious ways to enjoy the country.

3.Cairo, Egypt:

Cairo, Egypt (Image Source- Bing Images).

Home to the great pyramid of Giza, one of the last ancient wonders of the world, Egypt’s capital, Cairo, is the largest city in the nation. One fascinating things about Cairo is their museum which contains the world’s largest collection of Egyptian artifact, the rich blend of culture and people on the Al- Muizz streets  It has historically served as a hub for the political and cultural life of Egypt and is known as “the city of a thousand minarets” due to the overwhelming presence of Islamic construction. In 1979, the historic core of Cairo was designated a World Heritage Site. Al-Azhar University, the second-oldest university in the world, is located in Cairo, which also has the oldest and largest film and music industries in the Arab world. Regional headquarters for numerous worldwide media outlets, companies, and organizations are located in the city.

4.Stone Town, Zanzibar- 

Stone Town, Zanzibar (Image Source- Bing Images)

East Africa’s Stone Town is a city with a significant historical and artistic significance. Its architecture, which predominantly dates from the 19th century, exhibits the various influences that shape Swahili culture and offers a beautiful distinctive fusion of Arab, Persian, Indian, and European components and the town was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 as a result. Due to its history, Stone Town is one of Tanzania’s top tourist destinations, and a sizable portion of its income is based on tourism-related activities. Oh! And the giant tortoise in Prison Land, Stone Town is a wonder to behold.

5. Johannesburg, South Africa.

Joburg, South Africa (Image Source- Bing Images).

The most populous city in South Africa, Johannesburg is sometimes referred to as Jozi, Joburg, Jo’burg, or “The City of Gold.” It is said to be a megacity and one of the top 100 largest urban areas in the world. In Jo’burg expect to see skyscrapers, world class hotels and a host of luxurious, affordable restaurants. This golden city is the provincial headquarters of Gauteng, and the most prosperous province in South Africa.

It is known for its blend of rich culture, fine dining and, majority of the biggest banks and corporations in South Africa are headquartered in Johannesburg. The Witwatersrand hills, home to the metropolis and the center of the world’s mineral, gold, and diamond commerce, is located in this mega city. The Globalization and World cities Research Network listed Joburg as an Alpha Global City.

6. Kigali, Rwanda.

Kigali Rwanda. (Image Source-Bing Images).

Kigali is the largest city and capital of Rwanda. It is situated in an area of rolling hills with a network of valleys and ridges connected by steep slopes, close to the country’s geographic center. Kigali serves as Rwanda’s  primary economic, cultural, and transportation center and majority of the government ministries as well as the president of Rwanda’s main residence and offices are located in the remarkable city. The goal of the local government is to draw in foreign tourists for leisure travel, conferences, and exhibitions. From traditional carvings to jewelries and artifacts, Kigali poses some of the best artistic scenes and entertainment.

7. Essaouira, Morocco.

Essaouira Morocco (Image Source- Bing Images)

Essaouira, formerly known as Mogador, is a port city on the Atlantic coast of western Morocco in the Marrakech-Safi area.Essaouira’s remarkable foundation was built by Moroccan ‘Alawid sultan Mohammed bin Abdallah, who in 1760 undertook an innovative experiment by entrusting it to numerous renowned architects. Once constructed, it continued to expand, went through a golden age, and enjoyed outstanding development, Essaouira poses breathtaking architectures. Between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries, it not only became the nation’s most significant commercial port, but also its diplomatic center. In 2001, UNESCO named Essaouira’s Medina a World Heritage Site.

8. Windhoek, Namibia.

Windhoek, Namibia (Image Source- Bing Images)

 Windhoek also known as the wind city of Africa is the Largest city and capital of Namibia. It is known for regular or kite surfing due to its strong wind. It lies at the exact geographic center of Namibia, in the Khomas Highland plateau region. In 2020, Windhoek had a population of 431,000, and it is still expanding as people move there from other parts of Namibia. It serves as the country’s social, economic, political, and cultural hub, as you will find cafes, art galleries and cute small hotels. Almost all of Namibia’s national businesses, governmental organizations, educational and cultural institutions have their headquarters there.

9. Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi, Kenya (Image Source- Bing Images).

Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya and in reference to the Nairobi River, which runs through the city, the name is derived from the Maasai term Enkare Nairobi, which means “place of cool waters.” The Green City in the Sun is a common nickname for the city and it poses some of the most remarkable architecture in Africa.

It is the location of the Kenyan Parliament Buildings, thousands of Kenyan businesses, and more than 1000 significant international corporations and organizations. It is a well-known center of commerce and culture. Known as the habitat of Africa’s wildlife safari, Nairobi consistently pulls tourists who are fascinated by nature. One outstanding feat about Nairobi is the National Park which is truly a breathtaking expression of the beauty of nature and wildlife.

10. Lagos Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria. (Image Source- Bing Images)

Lagos, the city that never sleeps, is the most populous metropolis in both Nigeria and Africa. Lagos, the economy of Nigeria, is a significant financial hub for Africa. The city, which has a big impact on business, entertainment, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, and fashion, has been called the cultural, financial, and entertainment centre of Africa. You can never go out of activity options in this bustling city.Lagos is also one of the ten cities and urban areas with the fastest growth rates worldwide.The megacity has one of the biggest and busiest seaports in Africa and the fourth-highest GDP in the continent. Lagos is categorized as a Medium-Port Megacity due to its sizable urban population and port traffic levels.

11. Algiers, Algeria.

Algiers, Algeria. (Image Source- Bing Images)

Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea on the west side of the Bay of Algiers, in the north-central region of Algeria. The current part of the city is situated on level land by the sea, whereas the ancient city of the deys climbs a steep slope behind the present town and is capped by the Casbah or citadel, which rises 400 feet above the water and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

12. Accra, Ghana.

Accra, Ghana.(Image Source- Bing Images)

Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana, which is situated on the Atlantic Ocean’s southern coast near the Gulf of Guinea. Between 1877 to 1957, this energetic city served as the British Gold Coast’s capital; since then, it has developed into a contemporary city. This history is reflected in its architecture, which ranges from modern skyscrapers and apartment complexes to colonial buildings from the 19th century.

The thirteenth-largest metropolitan region in Africa, Accra was named as the “capital city of cool” by The New York Times due to its colorful textiles, contemporary art with numerous expressions, cool entertainment and nightlife sceneries. Accra was named a “Gamma” level global city in 2020 by the think tank Globalization and World Cities Research Network, reflecting a rising level of global impact and connectedness.


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