Explosive Shake-Up: Ethiopian Airlines Chairman Departs, Fueling Speculation and Uncertainty in the Industry



In a surprising turn of events, Girma Wake, the former board chairperson of Ethiopian Airlines, has stepped down from his position, leaving federal authorities tight-lipped about the reasons behind his departure. While Girma confirmed his exit, he chose not to provide further details surrounding the circumstances leading to his departure from the renowned airline.

According to insider sources, Yilma Merdasa, Commander of the Ethiopian Airforce, has been appointed as the new Board Chairperson of Ethiopian Airlines, taking over from Girma Wake. The abrupt change in leadership raises questions about the future direction of the airline.

Girma Wake had joined the Ethiopian Airlines board in 2018 and assumed the role of board chairman in April 2022, following the appointment of Mesfin Tasew as the group CEO, who replaced Tewolde Gebremariam. Throughout his tenure, Girma played a pivotal role in the airline’s expansion, spearheading efforts to connect Ethiopian Airlines to an impressive network of 114 international destinations, solidifying its position as the largest carrier in Africa.

Despite attempts to seek a response from Ethiopian Airlines’ management, The Reporter’s inquiries remained unanswered, leaving the public and industry insiders in suspense.

Girma’s departure marks the end of a remarkable career spanning over three decades at Ethiopian Airlines. Notably, he previously served as the airline’s CEO from 2004 to 2011, further contributing to the carrier’s growth and success. The suddenness of his departure has ignited speculation within the aviation industry, with many curious about the implications for the future of Ethiopian Airlines.

In the context of recent events, some industry observers are drawing connections between Girma Wake’s departure and the Nigeria Air fraud scandal. The incident involved Hadi Sirika, the former Nigerian Minister of Aviation, who faced accusations of fraudulent activities related to the establishment of a national carrier, Nigeria Air. While the specific connection remains speculative, the timing of Girma’s exit raises eyebrows and adds an additional layer of intrigue to the situation.

As the aviation community eagerly awaits further developments, one can only wonder how this leadership shakeup will impact Ethiopian Airlines’ future endeavors and if it signals a new era for the renowned African carrier.


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