FG To Review Workers’ Salary – Akpabio



In a bid to mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy removal, Nigeria’s Senate President, Godswill Obot Akpabio, has announced that the Federal Government will conduct a comprehensive review of workers’ salaries, with the intention of raising them.

FG To Review Workers’ Salary – Akpabio

During a meeting held at the National Assembly on Tuesday, Akpabio warmly welcomed Ekiti State Governor, Abiodun Oyebanji, and members of parliament from the State. Addressing the challenges faced by the populace due to the subsidy removal, Akpabio assured Nigerians that the government is fully cognizant of the hardships they are experiencing.

The decision to eliminate fuel subsidies, according to Akpabio, is part of the current administration’s strategy to combat corruption effectively. He emphasized that the fuel subsidy regime had been plagued with rampant corruption, and taking this step was necessary to improve the country’s economy.

In defense of the subsidy removal, Akpabio stated that Nigeria’s survival in the coming years would have been severely jeopardized had the government not taken this bold action. Despite the immediate challenges, the Senator asserted that removing the subsidy was a crucial move to ensure the country’s long-term economic stability and growth.

Governor Oyebanji, during the meeting, lauded Akpabio for his remarkable achievements in the short span of one month in office as the President of the 10th Senate. He expressed unwavering support from the people and the government of Ekiti State for the success of Akpabio’s tenure and pledged their commitment to collaborate with the legislature in advancing the nation.

In summary, the government views the elimination of fuel subsidies as a means to combat corruption within the system. However, the immediate impact of the subsidy removal has resulted in difficulties for citizens. According to Akpabio, the planned salary increase is intended to provide some relief to individuals affected by these changes. As Nigerians navigate through the challenging times, all eyes will be on the government’s implementation of the salary review. It remains to be seen how the move will impact the lives of ordinary Nigerians and whether it will effectively alleviate the financial strain caused by the subsidy removal.

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