Former Senator Shehu Sani Urges Senators to Reject El-Rufai’s Ministerial Nomination



In a surprising turn of events, former Senator Shehu Sani, who represented the Kaduna Central Senatorial District, has come forward to express his concerns over the nomination of the former governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, for a ministerial position. Citing religious coloration that he believes could pose a threat to the unity of the nation, Sani is calling upon the Senators of the 10th Assembly to carefully consider and resist El-Rufai’s confirmation.

Shehu Sani, El-Rufai

The Controversy Surrounding El-Rufai’s Nomination

In a statement issued on Sunday, Shehu Sani voiced his astonishment at finding El-Rufai’s name on the list of ministerial nominees. His primary concern appears to be the perceived religious undertones associated with El-Rufai’s political persona. While specifics about this “religious coloration” were not elaborated upon, the former Senator emphasizes that it poses a risk to the country’s unity.

For Shehu Sani, the unity of the nation is of utmost importance, and he believes that El-Rufai’s potential appointment could jeopardize this delicate balance. National unity has always been a key concern for Nigeria, given its diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural composition. Any perceived bias or divisive tendencies in a public officeholder can exacerbate existing tensions and hinder progress on critical national issues.

In his statement, Sani directly addresses the three Senators representing Kaduna State. He implores them to rise in honor and act in the best interest of the nation by resisting the confirmation and approval of El-Rufai’s nomination. By doing so, Sani argues that they would be safeguarding the posterity of the country and ensuring that the principles of religious neutrality are upheld within the government.

To better understand the reasons behind Sani’s apprehension, one must examine El-Rufai’s previous tenure as the governor of Kaduna State. During his time in office, El-Rufai was known for implementing various policies and reforms, some of which drew both praise and criticism. As with any politician, his actions and decisions have sparked debates among different segments of the population.

The call from former Senator Shehu Sani to reject the nomination of Malam Nasir El-Rufai as a Minister is an important moment in Nigeria’s political landscape. It reflects the ongoing struggle to strike a balance between diverse religious and ethnic groups while ensuring the unity and progress of the nation. As the 10th Assembly considers El-Rufai’s nomination, it will be crucial for Senators to carefully weigh the potential impact on national unity and act in the best interest of the country’s future.

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