GWR: Ekiti State Govt Bans Planned 72-Hour ‘Kiss-A-Thon’ Event, Warns Hoteliers Association



In a sudden twist, the Ekiti State government has issued a ban on a highly anticipated event – a planned three-day kissing marathon aimed at setting a Guinness World Record. The event, organized by a group called Sugartee, had generated significant buzz through advertisements in the state and on social media. However, the government, expressing concerns about the image and moral values of the state, has taken a firm stance against the event.

Guinness World Record: Ekiti State Govt Bans Planned 72-Hour ‘Kiss-A-Thon’ Event, Warns Hoteliers Association

The ban was announced in a letter dated July 3, 2023, from the Ministry of Arts and Culture, specifically addressed to the Ekiti State Hoteliers Association. The letter, signed by the Director of Tourism, Adebanji Adelusi, warned of severe sanctions for any facility that hosted the kissing marathon. The government believes that the event, dubbed ‘Kiss-a-thon,’ is not only absurd and unhealthy but also immoral and capable of denigrating the image of the state.

The Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Tourism emphasized that the Kiss-a-thon event runs counter to the values of the people of Ekiti State and could potentially have a negative impact on the moral development of the youth. Consequently, the government has prohibited the hosting of the event or any similar events in facilities wishing to operate lawfully within Ekiti State.

This decision comes in the wake of previous notable marathon events in the state. Recently, Damilola Adeparusi, popularly known as Chef Dammy, successfully concluded a 120-hour cooking marathon in Ilupeju-Ekiti, Oye Local Government Area. Additionally, Adeola Adeyeye, also known as Chef DEO, from Ile-Oluji in Ondo State, is currently attempting to set the record for the longest world cooking marathon, targeting an impressive 150 hours.

While the decision to ban the kissing marathon may disappoint some enthusiasts, the government’s priority appears to be preserving the reputation and cultural values of Ekiti State. As discussions surrounding the event continue, it remains to be seen whether alternative arrangements or compromises can be made. The state government’s decision reflects its commitment to upholding the principles it deems important for the overall well-being and progress of its people.

It is worth noting that the ban on the kissing marathon has sparked debates among the citizens of Ekiti State, with opinions divided between those who view the event as harmless fun and those who support the government’s position on preserving cultural integrity. As the situation unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the organizers and supporters of the event respond to the government’s decision and whether any compromises or alternative plans will be put forward.

In conclusion, the Ekiti State government has taken a firm stand by banning the planned 72-hour kissing marathon aimed at setting a Guinness World Record. While the government emphasizes the importance of maintaining the state’s image and cultural values, supporters of the event may seek alternative avenues to pursue their passion for breaking records. As the controversy unfolds, the fate of the kissing marathon, otherwise known as Kiss-a-thon, hangs in the balance, leaving both participants and onlookers eagerly awaiting further developments.

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