Hilda Baci’s Message to Aspiring Nigerian Guinness World-Record Breakers.



Hilda Baci, a proud holder of the prestigious Guinness World Record, has a message for her fellow Nigerians aspiring to break her Guinness World Record.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, she expressed no ill feelings towards those attempting to surpass her achievements. Hilda Baci emphasized that a new Guinness World Record holder cannot be announced until a year after, in accordance with the Guinness Book of Records’ annual update.

While showcasing her culinary skills to raise one million Naira for empowering a widow to become self-reliant, Guinness World Record Holder, Hilda Baci revealed her joy in inspiring young Nigerians to pursue their dreams and shatter barriers. Her own remarkable feat has encouraged more young minds to venture into entrepreneurship and aim for greatness.

Compassionate about supporting widows, Hilda Baci collaborated with The Duke of Somolu Productions, a theatrical play producing outfit, to empower and uplift deserving widows. She believes that beyond financial assistance, these widows need encouragement, empowerment, and guidance to nurture their businesses and personal growth. By instilling hope and reminding them of their immense potential, widows can rise above the tragedy of their loss and achieve great heights.

Regarding other young Nigerians following in her footsteps, Guiness World Record Holder, Hilda Baci views their efforts as a positive development. 

She said “I think it’s a good sign because this is more of positive development. For me, it is not negative. I honestly think it is positive because my effort is successful and well done, that is why people are coming up.

“That is why a lot of people are now trying to push through their limits and push through their boundaries to break records in several fields.

“I know what is published on the social media is that a lot of people are trying to break record, but the truth is that other people are now being inspired to start businesses and break records. It is a good indication that I did something good.”

Hilda Baci believes her successful journey has inspired others to push their limits and strive for excellence across various fields. The widespread desire to break records signifies the impact of her accomplishments, and she welcomes the competition with open arms.

“Now that everyone is trying to beat me, I don’t mind, I have already broken the records and they should try and break the records too.

“I set out to achieve something, I have achieved that and now it is time for other people to try. I don’t have any ill feelings, neither am I bothered. So, it’s time for others to try,” she added.

Joseph Edgar, the CEO of The Duke of Somolu Productions, praised Baci’s involvement in the initiative to raise funds for widows. Over the last three years, the charitable effort has raised over N10 million for deserving widows. With Baci’s strong goodwill, clean image, and genuine concern for the welfare of widows, the initiative has garnered even more support.

Hilda Baci’s Guinness World Record has become a beacon of inspiration for Nigerian youth, igniting their passion for success and community empowerment. Her selfless dedication to supporting widows and encouraging others to aim higher is a testament to the positive influence one individual can have on society.

As new challengers emerge, Hilda Baci welcomes them with grace, knowing that her achievements have ignited a wave of ambition and positive change among her fellow Nigerians.


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