House of Rep Members Protest Discrimination in Sitting Arrangements, Office Allocation



A recent seating arrangement and office allocation in the House of Representatives have caused uproar among some members, leading to protests and concerns about potential setbacks in legislative activities. The allocation, handled by the House Committee on Welfare chaired by Rep. Olawale Raji (APC-Lagos), has drawn criticism from approximately 100 lawmakers, many of whom are first-timers.

Outrage in House of Representatives: Members Protest Alleged Discrimination in Sitting Arrangement, Office Allocation

The lawmakers expressed their dissatisfaction with the seating arrangement, citing inconducive conditions and discrimination. Some of them were assigned seats on the third floor of one of the temporary chambers, which they deemed unsuitable. Additionally, the allocation of offices also faced scrutiny, with certain members objecting to the distribution.

The Welfare Committee released a list that allotted 240 members to the second floor, while a few individuals, including some first-timers, were given seats on the ground floor. This disparity led to protests among the affected lawmakers, who felt marginalized and overlooked.

In response to the uproar, Speaker of the House, Rep. Tajudeen Abbas, called for calm and assured members that the main chamber, currently undergoing renovation, would be completed before the House resumed from recess. Rep. Khadijat Bukar-Ibrahim, Chairman of the Ad hoc Committee on Media, explained that the allocation of offices falls within the purview of the Welfare Committee, which had diligently carried out the task. Regarding the seating arrangement, Bukar-Ibrahim clarified that due to the temporary nature of the seating area, there were insufficient seats for all members to occupy the ground floor, necessitating the accommodation of some members on the upper floor.

While there was a minor disturbance during the plenary session, Bukar-Ibrahim stated that the Speaker had instructed members to occupy any available seat they found downstairs, a resolution that reportedly satisfied everyone involved.

The issue of sitting arrangement and office allocation in the House of Representatives highlights the challenges faced in accommodating a large number of members within limited spaces. As the renovation of the main chamber nears completion, it is expected that the concerns raised by the protesting lawmakers will be addressed, fostering an environment conducive to effective legislative activities.

In conclusion, the recent protests by House of Representatives members over the sitting arrangement and office allocation have drawn attention to alleged discrimination and inconducive conditions. While efforts are being made to resolve the issues and complete the renovation of the main chamber, it is crucial for the welfare of all lawmakers that fair and appropriate arrangements are put in place, allowing them to fulfill their legislative responsibilities effectively.

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