How Can Audiomack Start Paying Me?



According to the streams and your location, Audiomack has a feature where you can be compensated for the content you post on the app. You only need your Audiomack account to get started; nothing else is required. 

What is Audiomack?

The on-demand music streaming and audio discovery platform Audiomack enables musicians and podcasters to upload an unlimited amount of content for listeners via its mobile apps and website.

As an artist, you can upload your songs; as a DJ, you can upload your mix; and you can make playlists. 

Making Money with Audiomack

You would need to sign up for the AMP program in order to be able to earn money on Audiomck. In addition to giving you access to your analytics dashboard, this allows you to make money. Below is a detailed explanation of how to join;

Create a profile on Audiomack and sign up for the service.

You must register on Audiomack and set up a profile that presents well in order to start earning money there.

Create a free account on Audiomack.com to get started. Choose the “Artist” account type when signing up.

After registering, finish your profile by including a top-notch cover photo, bio, links to your social media accounts, and contact details.

Use the Audiomack Monetization (AMP) application

It is simple to apply for the AMP, and I have simplified the process. Please be aware that you cannot use the Ausoimack app for this; instead, you must use any browser of your choice. So let’s look at how to apply for Audiomack AMP without wasting any time.

Visit the Audiomack website or launch a new tab after clicking this link. When you find APPLY FOR AMP, scroll down and tap the button.

You ought to be taken to a contact page with a prompt to enter your email right away. Your account must have successfully completed full authentication in order to opt-in for the Audiomack AMP.

You would need more than 25 followers and at least two content uploads if you wanted to authenticate your account. You can move on to the following step once you have the two.

Returning to step two, submit your application, and it ought to be accepted in a matter of days. Audiomack would send you an email. You will need advice to boost your income after applying, so I’ve provided a list of it below.


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