I used to sell akara with my mum, hoping big men would give me money-Don Jazzy’s Humble Beginning



Don Jazzy recently shared a personal story about his past during an episode of the Zero Conditions podcast. He recounted his days of selling akara alongside his mum in Ajegunle. This experience fueled his ambition, as he hoped for recognition from ‘big men’ who would offer assistance to him.

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Reflecting on his journey, Don Jazzy emphasized that he doubts the authenticity of many claims of suffering. He revealed that his prayers to be noticed and supported during his akara-selling days left an indelible mark on his character.

The memory of sitting on a bench, frying akara with his mum and wishing for a helping hand from passing Peugeot 504 or Mercedes 230 owners, remains vivid.

Recalling his humble beginnings, Don Jazzy said, “I remember it like it was yesterday… I remember sitting down with my mum frying akara there, sitting on the bench there in Ajegunle, and any big man that passes by with their Peugeot 504 or Mercedes 230 or whatever and they come to buy akara. I also remember the thought in my head, ‘I wish this man would just look at me and go Young boy just take this, I know that you need it’ or something like that.”

Now a successful music producer, Don Jazzy feels compelled to assist anyone he meets, driven by his past struggles.

He finds it challenging to leave an encounter without making a positive impact or contributing to the community. “ “I have a problem with people meeting me and not getting impacted,” he said, emphasizing his commitment to impacting lives.”


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