Infinix affirms its dedication to R&D



Infinix, by increasing its investment in research and development (R&D) has reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing its product lines in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

Infinix’s Global PR Director, Mia Liu, told reporters in Lagos that the company doesn’t just make smartphones; it also actively researches to determine the most important needs stated by smartphone users.

According to research, users place a high value on faster charging, high-quality video, and cameras. According to her, Infinix will meet these demands by giving its customers better smartphone experiences because the company wants to be known for its exceptional phone performance. It will also improve the overall quality of its smartphones to impress and satisfy a wider audience of users. 

Infinix is committed to localising its communication and sharing genuine stories that connect with the target audience, she continued, underscoring the importance of creating an emotional connection between the brand and its customers.

“Infinix aims to change the perception of being a product-focused brand and create a deeper connection with consumers while instilling a sense of pride among those who choose the Infinix brand through the promotion of social well-being, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and embracing African culture,” she said.

Infinix Nigeria’s Integrated Marketing Communications & PR Manager, Yemisi Ode, added that the company has actively backed numerous initiatives aimed at the advancement and improvement of young Nigerians.

She claims that the brand is present in the states all over the country thanks to partnerships with illustrious tertiary schools like the University of Ibadan. 

She advised clients to only buy their phones from authorised retail stores and e-commerce partners to combat the problem of fake Infinix phones in Nigeria. When problems occur with phones purchased from dealers, Infinix offers assistance through its specialised after-sales service, Carlcare.


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