Ini Edo speaks on surrogacy journey



Beautiful Nigerian Actress, Ini Edo speaks about her multiple miscarriages and surrogacy journey in a recent Interview.

Image Source – Instagram.

Popular Nigerian actress Ini Edo, joyfully welcomed the arrival of her daughter, Light, in 2021 via surrogacy and chose to shield her from the spotlight until her second birthday in March 2023. 

In a recent Interview on the podcast With Chude, aired on Saturday, June 24, 2023, she speaks about her surrogacy journey, candidly revealing personal experiences where she had numerous heartbreaking miscarriages while attempting to conceive on her own and eventually got tired of trying.

She expressed that her driving force transcended societal expectations, as she yearned for a child of her own, which birthed her unwavering determination to become a mother; with or without a husband hence her option for surrogacy.

“I wanted it to be my child, my egg, so thankfully my eggs are good, so I did that,” she said.

This is not the first time Ini Edo has openly discussed her choice of having a child via surrogacy.

In a conversation with renowned blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus back in 2021, she confidently expressed her rationale behind this decision, emphasizing her desire to prevent any potential conflicts between parents that may arise in the future.

In her words, “Another major reason I opted for a donor is that it scares me so much when I see banter and controversies between a mother and a father over a baby in public forums or when I see the man insisting he wants his child if things don’t work out between both parties”.

In addition, the star shared her anticipation of the joyous journey of motherhood, highlighting her preparedness by revealing that she had preserved some of her own eggs, ensuring the possibility of future surrogacy endeavors, should she decide to go through the path of surrogacy once more.

Check out the full interview video here https://youtu.be/gKd2NUBSjEg 


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