Kate Raymond: Only Female Member Appointed as Majority Leader in Adamawa State House of Assembly



In a noteworthy and remarkable development within the realm of politics, the Adamawa State House of Assembly has made a significant appointment by selecting Kate Mamuno Raymond as its latest majority leader. Kate Raymond, an esteemed member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), stands as the only female legislator among the 25 members of the Assembly and has assumed this influential and prominent role.

Kate Raymond

The announcement was made by Speaker Bathiya Wesley during the Assembly’s session on Monday, June 26, 2023. Kate Raymond represents the Demsa constituency and has been recognized for her dedication and contributions to legislative matters.

Alongside the appointment of the majority leader, Jingi Belel, the representative of Maiha constituency, was named as the Deputy Majority Leader. Suleiman Alkali, hailing from the Yola North constituency and a member of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), was designated as the Minority Leader. These appointments reflect a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the Assembly.

The Adamawa State House of Assembly currently consists of 16 members from the PDP and 9 members from the APC. These recent appointments follow the election of Barthiya Wesley, the representative of the Hong constituency, as the Speaker of the Assembly on June 13. Buba Mohammed Jijiwa of Jada Mbulo constituency was also chosen as the Deputy Speaker during the same session.

The appointment of Kate Raymond as the majority leader not only reflects the recognition of her capabilities but also serves as an inspiration for women across Adamawa State. It paves the way for increased female representation and empowerment in the political sphere. Raymond’s leadership role brings a fresh perspective and diverse insights to the decision-making processes within the Assembly.

Kate Raymond’s appointment as the majority leader of the Adamawa State House of Assembly highlights the state’s commitment to fostering an environment that recognizes and embraces diverse voices. As Raymond assumes her new role, she carries the hopes and aspirations of women across the state, and her leadership will undoubtedly contribute to shaping a more inclusive and representative political landscape in Adamawa.

In conclusion, the appointment of Kate Mamuno Raymond as the new majority leader in the Adamawa State House of Assembly signifies a positive step towards greater inclusivity in Nigerian politics. Her appointment serves as an inspiration and reflects the recognition of her capabilities in legislative decision-making. Raymond’s leadership role sets an example for aspiring politicians and emphasizes the importance of diverse representation in positions of power.

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