Man Accuses Rivers State Police Officers of Planting Weed and Extorting Money



A Twitter user, Chief Daddy Godfrey, recently took to social media to share a distressing encounter with the Rivers state police officers at Obiri-kwere junction in Rivers State. He alleged that the officers stopped him and searched him, accusing him of being a “Yahoo Boy”, a fraudster.

Despite showing his ID card to prove his innocence, the situation escalated, and the officers subjected him to a second search, during which they claimed to find a parcel of weed on him. Chief Daddy Godfrey vehemently denied the accusation, leading to an altercation and eventual handcuffing. The incident ended with the officers demanding a significant sum of money in exchange for his release.

The Encounter with Rivers State Police Officers

Chief Daddy Godfrey narrates that while he was on his way to support a friend’s party, he was stopped by the Rivers state police officers at Obiri-kwere junction.

The officers conducted a search on him, during which nothing incriminating was found. However, one officer continued to insist that he was involved in internet fraud (Yahoo Boy), despite Chief Daddy Godfrey explaining his legitimate occupations.

Alleged Planting of Weed and Extortion

According to Chief Daddy Godfrey’s account, the officers made him sit at a nearby fueling station and later subjected him to a second search. During this search, they reportedly produced a parcel of weed, which he claims was not in his possession.

He vehemently denied any involvement with drugs and maintained that the officers had planted the substance on him to frame him. In the ensuing argument, the officer allegedly slapped him and handcuffed him.

The Extortion Incident

Feeling helpless and alone, Chief Daddy Godfrey was coerced into paying a significant sum of money to the officers to secure his release.

He insists that he does not smoke weed, and his lifestyle and businesses are legitimate, earning an honest living as a PR professional and owner of a short-let agency and a small properties business.

Call for Accountability

In his tweets, Chief Daddy Godfrey expresses his willingness to undergo drug tests to prove his innocence. He questions the officers’ actions, asking why they would target young men like him, particularly in a challenging economic environment.

He emphasizes that he is certain the weed did not belong to him and demands accountability from the Rivers state police officers for the alleged misconduct and extortion.


The allegations made by ChiefDaddy Godfrey on Twitter shed light on a troubling encounter with Rivers State police officers.

The incident raises concerns about potential police misconduct, the planting of evidence, and extortion, which undermines public trust in law enforcement. Will there ever be an end to Police brutality in Nigeria, the main idea behind EndSARS protest?

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