Nasarawa State: Nigerian Troops Apprehend Rail Track Vandals, Reject N5m Bribe



In a significant development in Nasarawa State, Nigerian troops from the 4 Special Forces based in Doma successfully arrested 12 suspected rail track vandals at Angwan Yara, situated in Keana Local Government Area. The operation took place during a routine patrol, where five individuals were intercepted at an abandoned railway station between Angwan Yara and Agyaragu communities. The suspects were caught red-handed with a substantial quantity of rail tracks loaded onto two trucks.

According to Major Joseph Afolasade, the acting Deputy Director of Army Public Relations, the investigation led to the subsequent arrest of seven additional suspects on June 18. During questioning, these suspects confessed to their involvement in the rail track theft and revealed the participation of influential individuals from Nasarawa and Plateau States in the criminal syndicate.

What sets this operation apart is the integrity and commitment of the Nigerian troops. The suspects reportedly offered a bribe of N5 million to the personnel in an attempt to secure their release. However, the troops staunchly rejected the bribe and proceeded with the arrests. The rejection of the bribe showcases the dedication and unwavering stance of the Nigerian military against corruption and criminal activities.

The suspects claimed that they were deceived by their sponsors, who are currently on the run. To ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution, Major General Owyinka Soyele, the Commander of the Special Forces, authorized the handover of the suspects to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

In response to the successful operation, the representative of the Nasarawa State Commandant of NSCDC expressed gratitude to the Army for their collaborative efforts in tackling insecurity within the state. The NSCDC assured that the suspects would be prosecuted after a comprehensive investigation, aiming to set an example and deter potential criminals.

Railway line vandalism has emerged as a highly lucrative criminal activity in the North Central communities, particularly along the South North rail line. The arrest of these 12 suspects is a crucial step towards curbing such illicit practices. The Nigerian authorities, alongside security agencies, continue to intensify their efforts to protect critical infrastructure and maintain law and order.

The successful operation by the Nigerian troops demonstrates their unwavering commitment to safeguarding public assets, preserving the integrity of transportation infrastructure, and ensuring the safety of citizens. The coordinated efforts of the military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies are instrumental in combating criminal networks and securing the nation’s vital resources.

In conclusion, the arrest of the rail track vandals in Nasarawa State and the subsequent rejection of a N5 million bribe by the Nigerian troops highlights the ongoing efforts to combat railway line vandalism and protect critical infrastructure. The dedication shown by the security forces, along with the collaborative approach with other agencies, reinforces the commitment to maintaining law and order, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the Nigerian people.

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