NFIU says there are moles in the organization



The Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) has cautioned informants under its purview that because of its independence and access to data from 170 nations, it cannot be used to advance the interests of any political party or person.

In response to claims that it is defending former vice president Atiku Abubakar, the NFIU issued this warning to its employees. 

The NFIU claimed there are moles in the organization in a statement that was signed by Ahmed Dikko, the unit’s chief media analyst.

The NFIU is housing the data of 170 sovereign countries, and the NFIU is autonomous and cannot be used by any politician for personal gain, he said, adding that the staff members who have misplaced their priorities by acting as spies for politicians are aware of this.

“Merit can never be replaced by wrong political efforts,” the NFIU insisted, adding that its spies “imitate their colleagues seconded from the NFIU now working for Interpol in France, Egmont Group in Ottawa, Afripol in Algeria, and UN in Abuja, among many other organizations.”

No member of the NFIU management staff is personally or formally acquainted with former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, the unit stated, adding that it was “open to evidence to the contrary.”

In order to accomplish this, Mr. Modibbo Hamman Tukur, the Director and CEO of the NFIU, is reported to have written: “to the investigating agencies that all that he owns are in his name and can be defended or investigated and any other suspicion should also please be investigated or if in doubt, if in doubt, please let me know.”

Regarding the subject of dishonest employees, Dikko claimed that the information was taken from a court case “about our staff who committed gross official misconduct in accordance with the law and were punished.”

According to the NFIU, the staff members who filed the lawsuit hired attorneys who “were directly paid by practicing politicians according to our records,” and the NFIU won the case at the highest appellate level, concluding the case.

The Unit bemoaned that it was a waste of time to “pester an environment that’s struggling to find its way out of the woods just to serve power personality showcases and jobs.


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