Nigeria Air not Fraud – Buhari’s Former Aide, Bashir Ahmed Distorts



Bashir Ahmad, the former special assistant on digital communications to former President Muhammadu Buhari, has vehemently dismissed claims labeling Nigeria Air as a fraudulent project.

Taking to his vibrant Twitter page, Ahmad ardently defended the airline, stating that all the necessary documents required to propel the project forward have been signed by the Aviation Ministry, and operational offices have already been opened.

In a tweet that exuded confidence, Ahmad boldly asserted, “NigeriaAir is NOT a fraud. The Aviation Ministry has made significant progress towards its realization.”

He further elaborated on the strides made, mentioning the unveiling of the airline’s branding, the signing of partnerships and agreements, the issuance of most operational certificates, and the establishment of operational offices.

With conviction, he proclaimed, “Nigeria Air will fly to make Nigeria proud.”

Ahmad’s passionate tweet comes on the heels of the House of Representatives Committee on Aviation’s scathing description of Nigeria Air as a fraudulent endeavor.

The committee went as far as urging the Federal Government to suspend the airline altogether.

The contrasting perspectives on Nigeria Air have ignited a fiery debate among netizens and stakeholders in the aviation industry.

While some echo Ahmad’s sentiments, lauding the progress made and expressing optimism about the future of the airline, others align with the committee’s skepticism, citing concerns over transparency and sustainability.

This divergence of opinions showcases the intricacies surrounding large-scale projects in the public sphere.

It highlights the importance of critical evaluation and rigorous oversight in government initiatives.

The fate of Nigeria Air hangs in the balance, as the government grapples with the task of addressing the committee’s concerns and garnering public trust.

Ultimately, the resolution of this contentious matter will require open dialogue, robust examination of the project’s merits and potential pitfalls, and a commitment to transparency and accountability.

Only through collective efforts and a shared vision can Nigeria Air soar to its intended heights and fulfil its promise of pride for the nation.

As the discourse rages on, the future of Nigeria Air remains uncertain.

Whether it will be hailed as a triumph of the nation’s ambition or decried as a misguided venture, time will be the ultimate judge.

In the meantime, stakeholders, citizens, and aviation enthusiasts eagerly await further developments, hoping that the path ahead will be marked by clarity, integrity, and a resolute dedication to the betterment of Nigeria’s aviation industry.


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