Meet The First Cross Dresser in Nigeria Before Bobrisky, Area Scatter



Cross-dressing in Nigeria has a rich and intriguing history that often goes unnoticed. While the name Bobrisky has become synonymous with this cultural phenomenon, there were pioneers who paved the way long before him. One such trailblazer was Area Scatter, a cross-dresser from the 1970s in Eastern Nigeria. As we explore the roots and evolution of cross-dressing in Nigeria, we delve into the stories of these individuals and the societal debates surrounding this form of self-expression.

Meet The First Cross Dresser in Nigeria Before Bobrisky, Area Scatter
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Area Scatter: The First Nigerian Cross-Dresser

Before Bobrisky gained notoriety, Area Scatter captivated the streets of 1970s Eastern Nigeria with his melodious music and captivating stage presence. He would play his ornamental thumb piano, singing in a rich, smooth voice, and mesmerizing audiences with his unique dance moves. Area Scatter’s emergence as one of the first Nigerian transvestites in mainstream media marked a significant cultural shift at the time.

The Mystical Transformation of Area Scatter

Legend has it that Area Scatter was a civil servant who vanished during the tumultuous years of war, only to resurface 7 months and 7 days later as a beautifully adorned woman. He attributed this transformation to supernatural powers bestowed upon him by the gods, which enhanced his musical talents and femininity. Social media clips of Area Scatter performing for local rulers and intrigued crowds have further fueled interest in his captivating story.

A Legacy of Cross-Dressing in Nigeria

While Area Scatter blazed a trail, Nigeria’s cross-dressing legacy extends beyond a single individual. The 1980s saw the emergence of the Calypso King, who identified as a woman and eventually married, challenging societal norms. In the North, effeminate men known as Yan Daudu continue to exist, rooted in the cultural practices of Hausa traditional religion. Denrele Edun, a popular TV host, has also challenged gender norms with his distinctive style, emphasizing individuality rather than cross-dressing.

Contemporary Cross-Dressers and Societal Debates

In recent years, cross-dressing has gained more prominence with figures like Bobrisky, James Brown, and Jay Boogie pushing boundaries and transforming their appearances to resemble women. However, this cultural shift has not been without controversy. Member of the House of Representatives, Umar Muda, introduced a bill seeking to prohibit cross-dressing and impose jail time. This raises a pertinent question about the role of religious convictions and the freedom of self-expression in a secular state like Nigeria.


From the enigmatic Area Scatter to the modern-day fame of Bobrisky, cross-dressing in Nigeria has evolved over time, challenging societal norms and generating debate. As we acknowledge the pioneers who defied conventions, it becomes crucial to navigate the delicate balance between personal expression and religious convictions within the country. The cross-dressing legacy in Nigeria invites us to reflect on the complexities of culture, identity, and individuality in a diverse and ever-changing society.


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