Nigeria Immigration Service Promotes 7,000 Personnel and Redeploys 12 Comptrollers To Different States



In a significant development within the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), a total of 7,000 personnel have been promoted to their new ranks, while 12 comptrollers have been redeployed to various units and departments. This recent announcement was made by the NIS Service Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Kure, in a statement released on Wednesday in Abuja.

Nigeria Immigration Service Promotes 7,000 Personnel and Redeploys 12 Comptrollers To Different States

The promotion process encompassed both senior officers who successfully passed regular examinations and junior staff members who were upgraded due to their acquisition of additional qualifications. This move by the NIS reflects a commitment to recognizing and rewarding the dedication and competence of its personnel.

Under the directive of the acting Comptroller-General of Immigration Service, Adepoju Wuro-Ola, several key appointments were made. Mr. Tony Akuneme has been appointed as the Comptroller for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command, while Joseph Dada assumes the role of the new Principal Staff Officer to the acting Comptroller-General. These appointments were approved to enhance the operational efficiency of the NIS and ensure the smooth execution of its responsibilities.

Additionally, as part of the recent redeployment exercise, 12 comptrollers were reassigned to different states and departments. The affected locations include the FCT, Kano, Jigawa, Ondo, Ogun, and Mfum Border Control, among others. This strategic redeployment is aimed at optimizing the utilization of skilled personnel across different regions and bolstering the effectiveness of the NIS in its mission to regulate immigration and maintain border security.

The promotion and redeployment of personnel within the NIS signify the organization’s commitment to improving its service delivery and reinforcing its workforce. By recognizing the achievements and qualifications of its personnel, the NIS aims to create a motivated and skilled workforce that can effectively carry out its duties.

In a recent address to the officers and men of the NIS during their monthly parade, the Acting Comptroller General, Wuraola Adepoju, emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive public image and prioritizing the collective interests of the service. She assured the personnel that their welfare would be a top priority going forward and stated that future promotions would be granted based on seniority, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

As the Nigeria Immigration Service continues to evolve and adapt to the changing dynamics of immigration and security challenges, the recent promotions and redeployments serve as a testament to its commitment to excellence and the enhancement of its operational capabilities. These developments are expected to have a positive impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the NIS, particularly in Abuja and the various states where the redeployments have taken place.

In conclusion, the promotion of 7,000 personnel and the redeployment of 12 comptrollers within the Nigeria Immigration Service highlight the organization’s dedication to recognizing and rewarding the capabilities of its workforce. With strategic appointments and reassignments, the NIS aims to strengthen its operational effectiveness and ensure the provision of quality immigration services across the nation.

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