Nigeria’s 36 States & FCT And Their Natural Resources



Nigeria is blessed with a huge amount of mineral resources

Nigeria is a country rich in natural resources, with each of its 36 states having one or more resources that contribute to the nation’s economy. Here are some of the major natural resources found in each state:

1. Abia: Crude oil, natural gas, lead, zinc, limestone, salt, and clay.

2. Adamawa: Coal, gypsum, magnetite, kaolin, clay, and uranium.

3. Akwa Ibom: Crude oil, natural gas, salt, clay, and limestone.

4. Anambra: Crude oil, natural gas, lead, zinc, clay, limestone, and iron ore.

5. Bauchi: Kaolin, phosphate, marble, clay, and limestone.

6. Bayelsa: Crude oil, natural gas, clay, and limestone.

7. Benue: Coal, limestone, lead, zinc, and iron ore.

8. Borno: Kaolin, clay, limestone, and diatomite.

9. Cross River: Crude oil, natural gas, lead, zinc, limestone, and tin.

10. Delta: Crude oil, natural gas, clay, and limestone.

11. Ebonyi: Salt, lead, zinc, limestone, and clay.

12. Edo: Crude oil, natural gas, limestone, clay, and gypsum.

13. Ekiti: Kaolin, granite, feldspar, and clay.

14. Enugu: Coal, natural gas, limestone, lead, and zinc.

15. Gombe: Gemstone, gypsum, phosphate, and salt.

16. Imo: Crude oil, natural gas, lead, zinc, limestone, and white clay.

17. Jigawa: Kaolin, gypsum, and limestone.

18. Kaduna: Tin, columbite, limestone, gold, and clay.

19. Kano: Kaolin, marble, gypsum, and limestone.

20. Katsina: Kaolin, marble, limestone, and salt.

21. Kebbi: Gold, limestone, and clay.

22. Kogi: Iron ore, coal, limestone, and marble.

23. Kwara: Gold, limestone, marble, and kaolin.

24. Lagos: Bitumen, clay, and glass-sand.

25. Nasarawa: Baryte, salt, clay, and limestone.

26. Niger: Gold, iron ore, tin, columbite, and limestone.

27. Ogun: Limestone, bitumen, clay, phosphate, glass-sand, kaolin, gemstone, timber, cassava.

28. Ondo: Bitumen, limestone, timber, chromite, oil & gas, kaolin, feldspar, silica-sand, Columbia, gold.

29. Ogun: Limestone, bitumen, clay, glass-sand, phosphate, kaolin, gemstone, timber.

30. Oyo: Cassiterite, kaolin, gold, tabtalite, aquamarine, tourmaline, granite, silica-sand, feldspar, clay.

31. Plateau: Tin, columbite, iron ore, limestone, zinc, lead, gemstone, agriculture

32. Rivers: Crude oil & gas, bitumen, liquefied natural gas, coal, timber, agricultural resources, fishery resources.

33. Sokoto: Gold, kaolin, gypsum, granite, livestock, clay, agriculture.

34. Taraba: Coal, barite, kaolin, gypsum, gold, agriculture, livestock.

35. Yobe: Gypsum, kaolin, limestone, gold, granite, uranium, clay, tantalite, agricultural resources.

36. Zamfara: Gold, lead, zinc, gypsum, marble, agriculture, livestock, granite.

37. FCT: Cassiterite, marble, clay, iron ore.


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