The State of Nigeria Under Tinubu’s Watch: Public Perception and Contrasting Realities



A recent survey conducted by CMC Connect LLP, a Lagos-based Strategic Communication firm, claims that 62% of Nigerians envision progress for the nation under the leadership of Tinubu. However, the results of this survey have sparked widespread controversy, as many Nigerians passionately dispute its findings. This article delves into the conflicting perceptions regarding Nigeria’s trajectory under Tinubu’s leadership and explores the contrasting realities that paint a complex picture of the nation’s current state.

The Controversial Survey

The survey, which sought to gauge public opinion on Tinubu’s performance as a leader, sampled 1,714 individuals across Nigeria’s six geo-political zones. While some question the methodology employed in this study, it has been vehemently opposed by many Nigerians, who view it as an attempt to project a misleadingly positive perception of the country’s situation.

A Counter-Poll Reveals Different Insights

In response to the survey’s contentious results, Reportera conducted a counter-poll aimed at uncovering a more accurate portrayal of public sentiment. Surprisingly, the counter-poll yielded starkly different results. Out of 1,342 respondents, a mere 8% believed that Tinubu is steering the country towards progress. In contrast, a staggering 89% expressed the belief that Nigeria is not making strides under Tinubu’s leadership, with an additional 2% remaining undecided or expressing varying opinions.

In addition to the counter-poll conducted by Reportera, numerous other influential voices across Nigeria have echoed a similar sentiment that challenges the validity of the survey conducted by CMC Connect LLP. Prominent social media influencers, and commentators have also shared pictures of their polls, revealing a widespread discrepancy in public opinion compared to the results projected by the Lagos-based Strategic Communication firm.

Poll Results: Is Nigeria moving forward under Tinubu? 93% voted No.
Poll Results: Is Nigeria moving forward under Tinubu? 91% voted No.
Poll Results: Is Nigeria moving forward under Tinubu? 88% voted No.

These collective voices, stemming from various corners of Nigerian society, serve as a compelling testament to the fact that many Nigerians do not identify with or endorse the survey results delivered by CMC. This convergence of dissenting opinions underscores the growing skepticism surrounding the portrayal of the nation’s progress under Tinubu’s leadership and points towards a broader conversation about the credibility of such surveys in reflecting the actual sentiments of the citizens.

Questioning Tinubu’s Leadership

Tinubu’s tenure has raised serious concerns among Nigerians due to the nation’s challenging circumstances. Within a span of 9 weeks spent in Aso Rock, Nigeria has experienced significant setbacks across multiple sectors of the economy. The Naira’s rapid devaluation to 991/$1, the threefold increase in the cost of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) within Tinubu’s first day in office, and the impending possibility of quadrupling fuel prices have fueled skepticism about his capacity to lead the nation towards prosperity.

Unraveling Nigeria’s Dilemma

The stark contrast between the survey’s findings and the overwhelming sentiment expressed by Nigerians themselves reveals a dilemma that cannot be easily ignored. The divide between the official narrative and the real experiences of citizens underscores the complex nature of Nigeria’s current state. While the survey may aim to paint a hopeful picture of the nation’s future, the lived realities of Nigerians reveal a different story characterized by economic challenges and uncertainties.


As the debate over Nigeria’s progress under Tinubu continues to unfold, it becomes clear that the nation’s fate is not determined by survey results alone. The divergent viewpoints showcased in the counter-poll conducted by Reportera underscore the importance of an open and honest dialogue about the nation’s challenges and prospects. In light of Nigeria’s multifaceted circumstances, the path to progress requires a comprehensive and inclusive approach that acknowledges both the aspirations and concerns of its citizens.

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