Ondo State Chef Aims to Break Guinness World Record with an Epic 150 Hours Cook-a-Thon



In an exciting culinary endeavor, Adeola Blessing Adeyeye, a 26-year-old chef from Ondo State, has embarked on a remarkable cook-a-thon challenge with the goal of breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking hours. As her marathon cooking session enters its second day, food enthusiasts, cooks, media, and curious visitors have flocked to the bustling arena, eager to witness this extraordinary feat.

Ondo State Chef Aims to Break Guinness World Record with Epic Cook-a-Thon

Commencing her cook-a-thon on June 30, 2023, in Ile-Oluji, the headquarters of the Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo Local Council of Ondo State, Adeola is set to showcase her culinary prowess for an astounding 150 hours, aiming to conclude her record-breaking endeavor on July 6, 2023.

Ayotunde Fagbamiye, Adeola’s manager, shared insights into the meticulous planning and preparation that went into this ambitious undertaking. After a thorough review and assessment, Guinness World Records approved Adeola’s request, granting her the green light to proceed with her record attempt. Filled with optimism and unwavering determination, Adeola aspires to emerge as the new record holder of the cook-a-thon.

Fagbamiye expressed his confidence in Adeola’s abilities, stating, “She got the approval to embark on the cook-a-thon from Guinness World Records. We were very happy when we received the mail that she could proceed to break the record for a cooking marathon for a person. She is energetic, ready to cook for 150 hours, and passionate about it. I’m very sure she will make it to the end successfully.”

To ensure a captivating and diverse culinary experience, Adeola has crafted an extensive menu featuring an array of dishes and delectable delicacies. With over 45 hours already dedicated to this epic challenge, Chef Deo, as she is affectionately known, has captured the attention and garnered immense support from her community and beyond.

As the news of Adeola’s ambitious cook-a-thon spreads, her inspirational journey is inspiring both aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike. This extraordinary event showcases the remarkable talent and resilience of Adeola.

Over the course of the cook-a-thon, Adeola’s determination, skill, and endurance will be put to the ultimate test. As the minutes turn into hours and the hours turn into days, the community stands united, cheering her on every step of the way. Whether she claims the Guinness World Record or not, Adeola Blessing Adeyeye has already cemented her place in the hearts and minds of those who witness her remarkable feat.

The world eagerly awaits the outcome of this captivating cook-a-thon, as Adeola, armed with her passion for cooking and unwavering spirit, continues to rewrite culinary history in Ondo State.

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