Ortom’s Allegations of Witch-Hunt Refuted by Benue State Governor



The Governor of Benue State, Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia, has responded to accusations made by his immediate predecessor, Chief Samuel Ortom, claiming that the current administration was harassing and witch-hunting him. Governor Alia’s statement came after the Assets Recovery Committee, led by Barrister Tom Uja, recovered vehicles allegedly stolen by the previous government during an invasion of a workshop.

In a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary, Sir Tersoo Kula, Governor Alia expressed his surprise at Chief Ortom’s accusations and clarified that the Recovery Committee was not specifically targeting him. Prior to the invasion, Governor Alia had instructed the committee not to engage in witch-hunts.

Governor Alia emphasized that Chief Ortom was misconstruing the situation and misleading the people of Benue. The governor’s spokesperson clarified that the recovery of numerous vehicles at a private building within the state capital was evidence that the committee was actively carrying out its duties.

Rebutting the witch-hunt allegations, Governor Alia’s statement highlighted that Chief Ortom was not the intended target of the committee’s actions. The governor’s office stated that Chief Ortom’s aides and party’s publicity secretary were misleading the public by portraying him as a victim.

Governor Alia’s statement suggested that Chief Ortom should not be concerned about being “hunted” even if the governor had come to carry out a witch-hunt. It further implied that Governor Alia was primarily focused on addressing individuals who had misappropriated the state’s resources and violated its common patrimony, rather than targeting Chief Ortom specifically.

Governor Alia’s response to Chief Ortom’s allegations aimed to clarify the intention of the Assets Recovery Committee and dispel any misconceptions about targeting the former governor. The statement emphasized that the recovery of vehicles was evidence of the committee’s diligent efforts to address corruption and protect the interests of the people of Benue State.

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