Oyo State Governor Makinde Champions Fairness, Justice, and Equity in Senate Leadership Selection: A Call for Inclusive Governance



In a post-inauguration special thanksgiving service organized by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Fathers of Faith at the Oritamefa Baptist Church in Ibadan, Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde emphasized the importance of fairness, justice, and equity in the election of the leadership of the Senate. Makinde stated that the selection process should be guided by these principles to ensure a balanced representation of diverse interests.

Governor Makinde acknowledged the religious composition of the current leadership, with the President and Vice President being of Islamic faith, and stressed the need for a Christian Senate President from the South-South region of Nigeria. He revealed that all the governors in Nigeria had united to support the choice of a Christian President for the sake of fairness and justice. Makinde clarified that their stance was not influenced by religious politics but rather a commitment to uphold the principles of equity.

Although not a senator himself, Governor Makinde announced his intention to be present at the National Assembly to advocate for the application of fairness, justice, and equity in the selection of the Senate President. He affirmed his dedication to ensuring that these principles prevail in the decision-making process at the federal level.

Reflecting on his recent reelection, Makinde expressed gratitude to the people of Oyo State for their continued trust and support. He promised to rededicate himself to serving the state diligently throughout his second term. The governor assured the Christian community that his focus extends beyond the immediate future, as he envisions positioning Oyo State on the path to sustainable development from 2023 to 2027 and beyond.

Governor Makinde extended his appreciation to the organizers of the thanksgiving service, emphasizing that the work entrusted to him goes beyond the specified tenure. He affirmed his commitment to involving the people of Oyo State in decision-making processes, emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration for effective governance. Makinde assured the audience that the state government has developed a comprehensive roadmap for sustainable development and is ready to swiftly move forward once the State House of Assembly is proclaimed.

With the proclamation of the State House of Assembly set for Wednesday, Governor Makinde expressed optimism about the future of Oyo State. He pledged not to disappoint the people and expressed confidence in their collective ability to achieve progress and prosperity.

In conclusion, Governor Seyi Makinde’s address at the post-inauguration thanksgiving service underscored the significance of fairness, justice, and equity in the selection of the Senate President. His commitment to inclusive governance and sustainable development resonated with the audience, offering a glimpse into the governor’s vision for the future of Oyo State.


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