Peter Obi breaks the silence over fuel subsidy removal and offers his opinion



The fuel subsidy removal which was initiated by the current President Bola Ahmed Tinubu caused a rumble in the country. This induced a lot of Nigerians to state their minds; the presidential candidate, Peter Obi, also expressed his mind about the situation on the Twitter platform. 

Obi stated that his preferred course of action would have been a more gradual removal caused by the implementation of “various relieving policies” as opposed to the “forceful removal” that is currently taking place.

The former governor of Anambra State expressed this idea on Tuesday at the Court of Appeal, the location of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal.

“I’ve been in support of the removal of subsidies right from the President Goodluck Jonathan era when I was a member of the Economic Management team,” Obi tweeted after finishing his thought.

He further tweeted:

“If you’ve been following me closely, you know that I’ve insisted that subsidies should be eliminated because I view them as a form of organized crime ever since I joined Jonathan’s economic management team.

People were merely stealing the nation’s resources, and my statistical analysis demonstrated empirically that we were not using as much fuel as they claimed.

The dentist will apply a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the tooth so you do not feel pain if you visit him to have a painful tooth extracted, as I illustrated with the analogy of “tooth pain” to them. The pain you experience won’t be the same as if you pulled the tooth firmly. Since I don’t want to experience the pain of forcible removal, I will support the dentist’s strategy while supporting the removal of the tooth.

Remember that even when Jonathan’s administration wanted to get rid of it, they devised several relieving policies, including Sure-P and others.

Reading my manifesto will make it clear how I intended to eliminate subsidies. To better the lives of the suffering masses, I will govern alongside the people and demonstrate to them what we will save using statistical and empirical evidence.

The issue in Nigeria is that the government frequently tells the populace to endure hardship and make sacrifices to have a better future, but then things worsen.”


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