Peter Obi Condemns the Rising Rate of Insecurity in the Country



Insecurity– In a recent statement posted on his Twitter account, Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State, and Labour Party Presidential candidate in the last elections, expressed deep concern over the escalating insecurity in Nigeria. He highlighted the alarming levels of mindless bloodletting, particularly in the North Central zone, as well as the continuous disruption of business and social activities in the South East.

Obi described the ongoing carnage as unacceptable, emphasizing that hundreds of innocent lives were needlessly being wasted through communal clashes, banditry, and kidnapping activities.

Obi drew attention to the worrisome situation in the Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, where security operatives were targeted, and over 600 abductions were recorded in the first quarter of the year alone. Considering the recent events in the North Central and Zamfara State, Obi speculated that the current figures would be staggering, surpassing even the death toll recorded in Russia and Ukraine.

The former governor highlighted the violent attacks in the North Central states of Benue and Plateau, noting a concerning rise in kidnapping, arson, and loss of human lives. According to the 1st Quarter Mass Atrocities Casualty Tracking Report, over 1,230 Nigerians were killed. Obi expressed his dismay at the high number of lives lost and the minimal resistance from security operatives.

Turning his attention to the South East, Obi expressed concern over the continued disruption of business and social activities due to a purported “Sit-at-Home” directive falsely attributed to the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB). He clarified that the South East Governors had been making commendable efforts to combat this criminal activity. However, he stressed the need for a more strategic and intelligence-driven approach to reduce the suffering of innocent people.

Obi called upon security agencies to take swift action to curb these incidents, as the country cannot afford to continue shedding the blood of its innocent citizens. He urged all stakeholders, including traditional, Christian, and Muslim leaders, to play their part in promoting peace among their people through their conduct and actions.

The former governor emphasized the far-reaching implications of an insecure environment for development, as it discourages potential investors from considering regions where their resources would be unsafe. In addressing the root causes of insecurity, Obi urged governments at all levels to take deliberate steps to alleviate poverty and youth unemployment, as providing adequate social welfare measures is crucial for tackling insecurity.

In conclusion, Peter Obi highlighted the urgent need for stakeholders to take concerted action in addressing the rising insecurity plaguing Nigeria. He emphasized the importance of valuing human lives and urged governments to prioritize the welfare of the people.

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