BIG STORY: Investigations reveal Tinubu came 3rd, Peter Obi won presidential election



The 2023 presidential elections may have come and gone but the scars are indelible and will remain with Nigerians for the rest of their lives, that is if the judiciary, whom many have vested their ‘last hope’, decides against having a free & fair trial at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT).

There has been serious unrest in Nigeria since INEC chairman, Prof Mahmood Yakubu announced the candidate of the APC, Ahmed Bola Tinubu as the winner of the presidential election on February 28th 2023, a decision that has received wide criticism within Nigeria and abroad.

INEC Chairman, Prof Yakubu conducted the worst election in the history of Nigeria, according to citizens

Nigerians have strongly opined that the process of results collection & collation was extremely flawed as there wasn’t any correlation with the announced results and what was obtained at the polls.

There were many cases of results mutilation, manipulation, suppression of casted votes, suppression of voters to prevent them from voting, and violence, and all these have appeared to favour only one player; APC, the ruling party.

After a careful evaluation of the election and an independent review of the INEC iREV portal, Reportera News investigations has revealed that the INEC declared winner, Ahmed Bola Tinubu did not win the presidential elections.

As a matter of fact, he came a distant third, losing to LP’s candidate, Peter Obi who won the election by a considerably wide margin.

Labour Party’s Peter Obi won the presidential elections, as revealed by investigations.

The PDP candidate, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar surprisingly came second, with not much figures separating his party, PDP and APC.

The candidate of NNPP, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso who was considered a ‘spoiler’ due to the perceived propensity of his party slashing either of APC or PDP’s votes in the Northern part of the country, especially the North-West where he is from and hugely popular, retained his position in 4th place after our review.

The 2023 presidential election was the most anticipated election in the nation’s history, there was a lot of media hype which got many Nigerian youths very interested in politics, these were people who had hitherto the 2023 elections not cared about politics.

INEC’s data showed a record voter card registration and collection, so it was only logical that the election churns out record voter numbers.

However, INEC and APC unbeknownst to Nigerians, had hatched a plan which would give the ruling party victory even before a vote was cast at the first ballot; manufacture artificial results for APC across their supposed strongholds.

What they didn’t envisage was that the turnout of people against them would outnumber the figures they had manufactured, therefore, they proceeded to slash the votes of the leading candidate, Peter Obi, and in many cases feasting on them by transferring LP votes to APC.

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In a BBC report, it was concluded that there was a clear case of voter suppression because the variables at play prior the elections could not have logically or scientifically arrived at the eventual outcome which produced Tinubu as the ‘winner’.

It was clear that the numbers did not simply add up. As a matter of fact, the election according the the INEC released results, recorded the lowest ever voter turnout in Nigeria’s election despite having a record number of eligible voters.

It is therefore not only illogical but completely careless and a spit on the faces of Nigerians for INEC to tell them that APC won the nation’s most important, publicized, and anticipated election in it’s history, it was simply preposterous and miscarriage of the trust bestowed on them to decide Nigeria’s future by conducting a free & fair poll.

Tinubu did not win the presidential elections.

8 years APC antecedents, scorecard

Nigeria has been steered by APC in the last 8 years and have received the worst ever scorecard for any administration, the country is in disarray with record indebtedness, unemployment rate, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, kidnapping & banditry, devalued currency & low purchasing power, high cost of living and hunger.

In fact, the UN reported in late 2022 that Nigeria has at least 90 million persons living in multi-dimensional poverty, that is the lowest point any human can be, abject penury. This means that about half the country can’t afford to feed, cloth or shelter themselves.

It is therefore illogical for the same people suffering due to the government’s ineptitude to vote the same get government into power again. This is the second episode in a series of investigative report on the 2023 presidential election by Reportera News.

Because this case is in court, we will not be publishing some relevant data at this time but at a later date. Please subscribe and follow all our social media accounts to keep up with this story.


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