Rivers State APC Accuses Former Governor Nyesom Wike of Inflicting Terror, Rejects His Entry into the Party



Rivers State APC Accuses Former Governor Nyesom Wike of Inflicting Terror, Rejects His Entry into the Party. The Rivers State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has come forward with serious allegations against the immediate past governor of the state, Nyesom Wike, accusing him of terrorizing the party for a period of eight years. In a statement issued by the party’s Publicity Secretary, Darlington Nwauju, it was made clear that Wike would not be welcomed into the APC due to his antagonistic actions and divisive tactics employed during his tenure.

According to Nwauju, the antagonistic behavior displayed by Wike towards APC members renders him an unfit candidate for the party. The statement released by the party’s spokesperson asserts, “The terror unleashed on our party members during his eight years in power alone provides ample evidence that Wike has no place in the Rivers State APC. Inviting him to join would be akin to inviting an enemy to come and finish off his victims.”

The concerns raised by the party extend beyond Wike’s alleged use of terror tactics. There are suspicions that his sudden desire to cozy up to prominent APC members is driven by a desire to evade accountability for his alleged involvement in misappropriating the resources of the people of Rivers State. Nwauju adds, “We are aware of his schemes to evade justice regarding the misappropriation of the resources belonging to the people of Rivers. This is the primary motivation behind his attempts to forge alliances with prominent APC members.”

The Rivers State APC remains resolute in its stance, firmly stating that non-APC members should not advocate for Wike’s inclusion into the party. This declaration serves as a reminder that someone who is not a member of the APC cannot become a champion for Wike’s entry into the party’s ranks.

In a surprising turn of events during the last presidential election, Wike openly campaigned for President Bola Tinubu, a prominent member of the APC. The former PDP member chose to abandon his own party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, in favor of supporting Tinubu and the APC. However, the actions and past behavior of Wike have raised concerns within the Rivers State APC, leading them to firmly reject any possibility of his entry into their party.

As the Rivers State APC takes a firm stance against Nyesom Wike, the political landscape in the state continues to evolve. The allegations brought forth by the party shed light on the complex dynamics and rivalries that shape Nigerian politics. The decision to reject Wike’s entry into the APC underscores the party’s commitment to maintaining its integrity and safeguarding the interests of its members


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