Exposed: Senators Receiving Pensions as Ex-Governors while Serving in the National Assembly



In a surprising revelation, it has been brought to light that a considerable number of senators in the National Assembly are receiving pensions as ex-governors of their respective states while simultaneously drawing salaries as lawmakers. The issue came to the forefront when the former governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel, requested the suspension of his pension payments, exposing the dual financial benefits enjoyed by these senators.

Senators Receiving Pensions as Ex-Governors while Serving in the National Assembly
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Reports from various sources confirm that at least 14 senators in the 10th National Assembly, who had previously served as governors, are currently receiving both pensions and salaries. This information was uncovered by Arise TV, highlighting the case of Gbenga Daniel, who voluntarily sought the suspension of his monthly pension of 676,376.95 NGN, citing ethical concerns and his personal principles against double emoluments.

Here Is a Table Encapsulating the Names of the Senators Involved and the Former States Governed by Them

S/NSenatorState Formerly GovernedYear
1Godswill AkpabioAkwa Ibom2007 – 2015
2Aliyu WammakoSokoto2007 – 2015
3Abdulaziz YariZamfara2011 -2019
4Dave UmahiEbonyi2015 -2023
5Aminu TambuwalSokoto2015 -2023
6Adams OshiomholeEdo2008 – 2016
7Ibrahim DankamboGombe2011 – 2019
8Abubakar BelloNiger2015 -2023
9Orji KaluAbia1999 -2007
10Seriake DicksonBayelsa2012 – 2020
11Ibrahim GaidamYobe2009 – 2019
12Adamu AlieroKebbi1999 – 2007
13Danjuma GojeGombe2003 – 2011
Senators Receiving Pensions as Ex-Governors while Serving in the National Assembly

The revelation of these senators receiving pensions as ex-governors and salaries as lawmakers has raised concerns about ethical standards and the need to address the issue of double emoluments. It is worth noting that Gbenga Daniel’s request to suspend his pension indicates a growing consciousness among politicians regarding the moral implications of such dual financial benefits.

As the issue gains public attention, there may be calls for legislative action to resolve this matter and ensure greater transparency and accountability among lawmakers. While some argue that the pensions are legitimate entitlements, critics emphasize the need to prioritize public funds and align political practices with ethical standards.

The situation regarding senators receiving pensions as ex-governors while serving in the National Assembly warrants further scrutiny and deliberation. As the public demands greater accountability from elected officials, it remains to be seen how this issue will be addressed and whether it will lead to reforms in the system.

In conclusion, the revelation of senators enjoying pensions as ex-governors alongside their salaries as lawmakers has sparked debates on ethics and accountability. The case of Gbenga Daniel’s voluntary pension suspension has brought this matter to the forefront, highlighting the need for a closer examination of double emoluments within the political landscape.

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