Serena Williams Unveils Gender of Her Unborn Baby with Drone Display



World-class tennis champion and Olympic medalist, Serena Williams, has an exciting announcement-

She is expecting a baby girl!

Alongside her husband, Alexis Ohanian, and their 5-year-old daughter, Olympia, Serena hosted a gender reveal party filled with joy and anticipation.

Picture Source- Pinterest

Taking charge of the gender reveal, Serena William’s husband orchestrated a playful prank by pretending to use a cake for the big moment.

In the video, he humorously addressed the viewers, claiming that he had come up with the most basic gender reveal idea which was a cake and jokingly questioned whether Serena would handle it like a pro. However, he later revealed the real surprise: the gender reveal was going to be a spectacular display in the air.

The gender reveal took an extraordinary turn as drones played a central role in the celebration.

Sporting a pink and white ensemble, Serena William clearly embraced the idea of a baby girl. In a sweet moment captured in a YouTube video of the event, she admitted to feeling a bit nervous, playfully mentioning that she didn’t have a contingency plan in case the gender turned out to be a boy.

Alexis took charge of the reveal, initially teasing Serena Williams with the idea of a cake reveal. But, in a surprising twist, he revealed that they would be using drones to share the exciting news.

As the night sky illuminated with pink lights spelling out the word ‘Girl,’ the atmosphere filled with screams of excitement from Serena and Olympia, accompanied by cheers from their loved ones present at the event.

The announcement adds to the happiness of the couple’s growing family. Serena Williams and Alexis had previously revealed their pregnancy news during the Met Gala through an Instagram carousel post, expressing their excitement about the upcoming addition.

As Serena Williams prepares to welcome her baby girl, the world celebrates with her and sends warm congratulations to the family.


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