Seyi Makinde Poised for Accelerated Development in Second Term as Oyo State Governor



Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has reassured the people of the state that his second term in office will witness a significant acceleration in the pace of sustainable development. During the celebration of the 2023 Ileya festival, Makinde expressed his commitment to ensuring that the government doubles its efforts in the pursuit of progress.

Makinde highlighted that the structure of the government would begin to take shape in the coming days. The recent screening and confirmation of some commissioner nominees by the House of Assembly serve as evidence of the government’s progress. Furthermore, he promised to announce the names of new appointees shortly, demonstrating the administration’s dedication to swift action.

Addressing the expectations of the people, Makinde stated, “Our people are expectant and they want us to move as fast as possible, and we have started.” Assuring the public that there is no cause for concern regarding the pace of development, he emphasized that the government would not only maintain its current momentum but also intensify its efforts.

As part of the celebration, the governor extended his warm greetings to the Muslim community and commended their support for his administration. Makinde expressed gratitude for their steadfastness and wished them many more Sallah celebrations.

Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, the Deputy National Chairman (South) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), also lauded Governor Makinde during the occasion. Arapaja thanked the governor for empowering the people of Oyo State and implementing commendable projects. He further praised Makinde for embodying the virtue of Prophet Ibrahim, who honored his commitment to Almighty Allah.

Arapaja acknowledged that Governor Makinde had fulfilled his promises to the people of Oyo State during his first term, and he expressed confidence that the governor would continue to deliver in his second term. The deputy national chairman affirmed the governor’s unwavering dedication to serving the state and its citizens.

With the recent screening of commissioner nominees and the governor’s assurance of an expedited government structure, the people of Oyo State can look forward to an intensified pace of sustainable development. Governor Seyi Makinde’s commitment to fulfilling promises and his determination to accelerate progress bode well for the state’s future.


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