Simi reveals Journey from Gospel Artist to Secular Music Star.



Renowned Nigerian singer, Simisola Kosoko, popularly known as Simi, recently shared a poignant revelation about her early days as a gospel artiste.

During an interview on MTV Base Africa’s “Official Naija Top 10,” the ‘Duduke‘ crooner disclosed the humble beginnings of her music career, shedding light on the financial struggles she faced while performing gospel music in churches.

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Simi candidly revealed that during her gospel music days, she used to receive meager compensation for her performances, ranging from N5,000 to N10,000. The highest payment she ever received back then was N70,000, which, at the time, felt like a significant milestone for her. Despite these modest earnings, she remained committed to her faith and diligently gave 10 per cent of her earnings as tithe in church, a testament to her unwavering belief.

However, the challenges she encountered in the gospel music industry singing gospel music began to take a toll on her aspirations. The financial constraints posed hurdles in funding studio sessions and promotions, making it difficult for her to fully explore her musical potential.

In an effort to find a solution, Simi made the difficult decision to sign with a record label, only to discover later that she regretted the choice deeply.

She said, “I actually used to go to a lot of churches to perform. They will pay me like N5k, N10k. Do you know the highest amount of money I actually collected when I was doing gospel [music]? N70,000. And I felt like I had arrived. I still paid a 10 per cent tithe from the money.”

Faced with the tough reality of financial limitations and unfulfilled expectations, Simi made a pivotal decision to switch to secular music from gospel music. This transition marked a turning point in her career, leading her on a path that would eventually propel her to fame and success.

Simi’s resilience and talent in the secular music world have not gone unnoticed, as she has earned numerous accolades and recognition for her exceptional artistry. Her beautiful melodies, soulful vocals, and heartfelt lyrics have resonated with audiences both in Nigeria and beyond, cementing her status as one of the country’s most beloved music stars.


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