VIDEO: Nigeriens Curse Tinubu, Anglicize His name To ‘Ebola’, The Dreaded Disease



The Niger Republic has been grappling with a political crisis following a recent coup that saw the democratically elected President Bazoum removed from power. In response to this situation, the Chairman of ECOWAS and INEC-declared President of Nigeria, Tinubu, has taken a stance in support of restoring democracy in Niger. However, the coup leader, who is now in power, has not heeded Tinubu’s warning. This article delves into the ongoing political turmoil in Niger, highlighting the tensions between the democratically elected government and those supporting the coup, as well as the recent public response directed at Tinubu.


The Coup in Niger

Niger experienced a significant upheaval when a coup resulted in the removal of President Bazhoum, who had been democratically elected by the people. The coup leaders justified their actions by criticizing the era of democracy, claiming that it fostered corruption among politicians. This sentiment resonated with some sections of the Nigerien population who were disenchanted with the state of affairs under the democratically elected government.

Tinubu’s Response

In his role as the Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and “President” of Nigeria, Tinubu took a strong stance against the coup in Niger. He issued a stern warning to the coup leader, now in power, demanding the immediate return of the country to the rightful democratically elected President Bazoum. However, the coup leader did not respond positively to Tinubu’s warning, leading to increased tensions in the region.

Threat of ECOWAS Intervention

Frustrated by the lack of response from the coup leader, Tinubu, representing ECOWAS, threatened to use force to restore democracy in Niger. This move highlighted ECOWAS’s commitment to upholding democratic principles in the region and maintaining stability.

The People’s Reaction

The People of Niger Curse Tinubu and Call Him Ebola Disease

Amidst the political crisis and Tinubu’s warning, the people of Niger Republic have been vocal in expressing their views. A recent incident, captured in a video, showcased a group of Nigeriens protesting against Tinubu. The protesters held a banner with Tinubu’s image, and they were seen pointing to it while raining curses on him. They referred to him as “EBOLA disease the illegitimate President of Nigeria.”


Nigeriens Curse Tinubu, Anglicize His name To ‘Ebola’, The Dreaded Disease

Understanding the People’s Reaction

It is evident from the people’s reaction that they do not give their support to Tinubu’s call for a return to democracy. It appears they endorse the coup and share the coup leader’s view that democracy has bred corruption within the political system.


The Niger Republic finds itself in a precarious situation following the recent coup and subsequent political crisis. Tinubu’s intervention on behalf of ECOWAS reflects the organization’s commitment to democracy and stability in the region. However, the response from the coup leader and the people of Niger reveals their disapproval to returning to democracy as a governance system. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains uncertain how the crisis will ultimately be resolved and what impact it may have on the future of democracy in Niger and the broader West African region.

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