Tinubu Unveils Tough Policy Measures



In a recent speech read by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Dr. George Akume, Bola Tinubu addressed the Nigerian public, promising more tough policy measures aimed at improving governance efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. This comes as part of his administration’s commitment to revamping the nation’s economy and enhancing the welfare of its citizens.

One significant policy shift introduced by Tinubu was the removal of fuel subsidy and the adoption of a new forex regime, both of which he believes are already yielding positive results. However, the decision to remove fuel subsidy has led to an increase in the pump price of petrol, causing hardships for many Nigerians. Marketers attribute the rising costs to market forces resulting from the withdrawal of subsidy and the floating of the naira against the dollar.

Addressing the issue, Tinubu pledged to introduce well-targeted policy interventions to alleviate the burden faced by citizens due to these measures. He expressed gratitude for the support and commendation received from the global community for the courage shown in implementing these policy changes.

During the Gala/Award Nite, which marked the conclusion of the 2023 Federal Civil Service Week celebration, Tinubu emphasized the importance of recalibrating and redefining Nigeria to fulfill the dreams of its founding fathers. He acknowledged the critical role of the Civil Service in governance and stressed the need for its reform initiatives to meet the high expectations of his administration.

Tinubu also urged public servants to use the annual commemoration of African Public Service Day to reflect on ways to improve service delivery to citizens. He underscored the significance of digitalization in the public service, stating that it is crucial for efficient resource utilization and national development. Tinubu emphasized the necessity of making the right choices to address the daunting challenges faced by the government.

He assured Nigerians that his administration’s focus would be on putting Nigeria first and revamping the nation’s economy, with the ultimate goal of improving the welfare of its citizens. Tinubu emphasized that a successful Nigeria would be key to saving Africa as a whole.

The speech concluded with Tinubu expressing unwavering faith in the renewed hope agenda, which seeks to correct past errors, redefine the mission, and create a prosperous Nigeria that inspires its citizens to achieve greatness. He called for the support, patience, resilience, and sacrifice of the Nigerian people in this endeavor.

As Tinubu’s administration continues to implement these policy shifts, Nigerians will undoubtedly be keenly observing their impact on the nation’s governance, economy, and overall well-being. The path towards Nigeria’s dream of prosperity and growth seems challenging but full of potential for positive change.

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